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TILT IN SPACE wheelchairs

  • 120kg Loading weight
  • Large 12.5″ rear solid tyre
  • Li-Ion Battery – lasts 4-5 years
  • 2 Year Warranty on Frame
  • 1 Year Warranty on Batteryolding electric wheelchair Australia with Wheelchair Auto Folding

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Q9 tilt in space wheelchairs is a lightweight electric wheelchair that will fit into your boot. Compared to its traditional cousins, some electric and manual type, the Q9 has a solid construction and is is incredibly strong.

Fully foldable and portable enough to push into the boot of an SUV, hatch or FWD vehicle offering a more freedom chair then any others.

The Q9 zero gravity wheelchair has a payload of 135 kg with shock absorbers to make driving comfortable on cobble & grass.

Electrically tilts in its own space or use the recline as the Q9 is equipped with a headrest.

Everything is controlled by the Display brushless joystick on the Q9 tilt in space wheelchairs.

  • P1 for Electric Recliner
  • P2 for Electric seat & backrest tilt for zero gravity feel
  • Controlled by the Intelligent Omnidirectional Joystick

The recliner adjusts separately so you can tilt back slightly should you choose or simply press the P2 button to completely tilt the chair.

The Q9 is ideal for those patients who have a fixed or flexible spinal contracture such as kyphosis, the tilt in space can be really beneficial for posture support to reduce lower spinal aches.

The Q9 wheelchair is ideal due the the power tilt feature is that you can change your position independently without having to ask anyone.

Also ideal for Parkinsons.

Tilt in space wheelchairs provides stability for the posture and for those who cannot maintain an upright posture when seated.

Being able to tilt the seating surface maximizes the persons’ weight and gravity, allowing them to remain seated, perpendicular and engaging in their community.

“We’ll help change your world with the Q9”


The Q9 Zero Gravity chair is one of our most unique motorised recline chairs. Unlike the other chairs, the Q9 wheelchair has the ability to move you into positions to increase lumbar support while you are out and about.

This is excellent for anyone with balance issues or weakness in the legs that spends long periods of time in a chair. The way this chair reclines is actually what makes it so popular. The backrest, seat and legrests can rotate 35°
by simply pressing a button.

This position is ideal for anyone with edema (swelling in the legs) and prone to pressure sores. Once here, you are then tilted back into a “zero gravity” position. At this point you can still watch TV or you can lay your head back, relax.

The Q9 wheelchair helps to alleviate pressure in the bottom and lower back by re-distributing your weight to other areas of the body.

There is nothing more comfortable than finding the perfect position to relax in and the Zero Gravity chair offers you just that! The best way to understand a bit better how the Zero Gravity lift and recline chair works is to come in or contact us for an appointment and see it for yourself.

The Q9 zero gravity therapy chair may provide a variety of benefits to wheelchair users.

Using the tilt allows the user to conveniently shift their weight and change their posture, to avoid discomfort and pressure sores in some cases.

Another benefit of the Q9 wheel chair is the safety feeling when traveling down hill. 

By tilting the chair during the descent, it increases the weight on the drive wheels which enhances stability.


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Warranty — 24 months on Frame and 12 months on Battery

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What is a zero gravity electric wheelchair?
A zero gravity electric wheelchair allows the whole chair to tilt up to 30-60 degrees, depending on the model, while maintaining your hip and knee angles at 90 degrees. In most cases, this is done with the touch of a button, allowing you to move your body independently.

Is a tilt in space wheelchair the same as a zero gravity electric wheelchair?

Who needs a zero gravity electric wheelchair?

  • Users at high risk of skin breakdown who cannot independently change position.
  • Users who cannot maintain an upright sitting position against gravity.
  • Needs specific positions to optimise ADLs e.g. positioning for fatigue management.

What is the difference between zero gravity and recline wheelchair?
The core difference between a tilt in space and reclining wheelchair is that the reclining wheelchair will change the posture of the body. A tilt in space keeps the person in the same position due to back posture or other medical reasons.

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