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mini pico Finder mobile SOS GPS Tracker. $50 off.

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Why our seniors should have a Moblie Emergency SOS GPS Trackers

Elderly are sometimes at home alone, frail and we can almost guarantee that they are feeling a lone and more importantly, worry what will happen if they fall.

We’re so busy with our lives that we can forget that our parents were there for us.

Consequently, a lack of planning usually means that only something is done when a accident occurs. And if this this happens, we may suffer from guilt and the stress on everyone can be traumatising for some.

Sometimes, people feel vulnerable and are too shy to say something because they have been independent all their lives. Also, they don’t want to worry loved ones.

What is going to happen if the senior cannot get to the phone? And these smart phone are too complicated in an emergency.

What happens if they take a fall? The chances are they are no where near a phone and not to mention, may well be in the shower as usually mobile phones are left elsewhere due to the moisture build-up.

We’ve all got loved ones at home and it is our turn to start taking care of the important people in our lives. 


using mini pico blk
Find Gran Pa Fast - Call or Get Google Maps Location by sending it a text message

The mini pico Finder is a medical marvel that can remove all the worry and offer peace of mind instantly.

If an emergency occurs all the senior has to do is push the SOS button and mini pico Finder starts its magic.

pico will first send an sms text message with a Google Maps link and then follow with a call to the contacts.

Mini pico is hands free and the wearer can speak so they can get help fast.

Why wait until it is too late? Click on More Info to learn more.

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Mini Pico Finder Video

mini pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker
Three Reasons why you should consider the mini pico Finder mobile SOS GPS Tracker

1. Spend as little as $30 a year on 3G data & sms plan.

2. It’s showerproof – Wear it in the shower or hand on tap.

3. Get Google maps to within 2.5 mtrs outside. Peace of Mind

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More Reasons why you should consider the mini pico Finder mobile SOS GPS Tracker personal Alarm Pendant

Find wanderers fast if they go walk-a-about past 100 mtrs from base.

Remember the feeling when you lost your child? Why wait until it is too late for the same thing to happen to mum or dad?

Peace of mind and safer living. Buy now and save $50 

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