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To develop individual growth by empowering people to new heights.


 To be known as the best ‘go to’ that changes people lives


AbbiCare believe everyone possesses a primary and secondary love and with these two loves, they become cornerstones of creating a happy life. The first love is our love for our family and friends; even if we are alone we have friends that we can call family. And the second love is our inner love; what we as a person really feel inside us but don’t really speak to others’ often or ever. 

Our Services

Reach Potential

We’re about empowering people from all walks of life that are able & want to change their current stance, you’re either living alone, a senior and/or disabled that feels like you want to do something with your life but are not sure what to do or how to go about it.

Our focus is on pushing boundaries of what is possible within the different learning styles.

We work with you to improve your life skills. We do this by mentoring you to heights so you can reach your potential & desires. 

We’ll be informative and inspiring. 

Reach the outdoors

Holdiday adventures; beginning to completion of your holiday adventure. Our part is supplying a qualified companion that travels’ with you to meet your daily need.

Business Aspirations

We have a combined value of around 40 years of business knowledge so we can make it happen right from planning stage to implementing your dreams.

We inspire your business aspirations, so you gain life skills.


We supply certain products that help to enhance your life & just as importantly, help family & friends feel confident at the same time. Visit our product shop Here


Our business name AbbiCare came to be because one of my daughters name is Abbi. And creating meaningful relationships is who we are & we’ve been making positive differences in peoples’ lives, no matter how small, for many years & choosing a name was tricky for me because there are two girls and only one name could be chosen and big sis didn’t mind at all.

We’re relatively new & we’re growing so the services that we offer will evolve to greater heights as more people are taking control of their lives.

For the younger ones’ of you that are reading our this page and are online savvy, we’re the organic version of algorithms that will coach you to achieving your dreams over time. 

People have asked us how wide is the range of holiday destinations and we simply reply; that between us, we have visited five out of the seven continents and some countries several times, and not forgetting Australia, so we know enough to keep you happy.

We can’t promise you the earth, but we’ll do our best to make you feel that you own it!

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