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To promote power of positive thinking, self belief & live life proactively at any age.


To ensure our vision becomes our reputation.



Disability services is our passion and we believe everyone possesses a primary and secondary love and with these two loves, they become cornerstones of creating a happy life. 

The first love is our love for our family and friends; even if we are alone we have friends that we can call family. And the second love is our inner love; what we as a person really feel inside us but don’t really speak to others’ often or ever. 


Reach Potential

Empowering people that want to change their current situation & be their own boss.

We work with people that are 18+ years to improve on life learning skills that are not taught in everyday life so they can reach their potential.

Small Business Program(SBP)

If you have the desire to create something with limited money to invest then we can help make it happen.

AbbiCare have a combined value of around 40 years of business knowledge to offer within our SBP

You will learn valuable skills such as; Basic accounting, profit & loss, sales & marketing, logo design creation and Branding. What will sell & what won’t.

Other outcomes are; customer service techniques, woocommerce WordPress website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Realize your dream of owning an online shopping cart most importantly, operations management. The list is never ending and very exciting.

Life is a learning curve no matter what age we are & we will probably learn off you also.

Learning outcomes

You will learn new skills, gain confidence and maybe employ someone eventually.

Increased Community participation. Inspire others & make new friends along the way.


CIRES – Is an old Latin word meaning ‘Polishing off’ (Pronounced Sirus). It describes our vision statement very well so we have incorporated cires into out values & culture.

Compassion – We understand the needs of those we serve.
Integrity – Our commitment is to deliver morals that are honest & meaningful.
Respect – AbbiCare forge the rights of individuals so that they are in control.
Excellence – Quality & challenging for achieving the best possible outcomes.
Service – Our service is to give you every chance to succeed.

We are able to collaborate with your existing disability services provider to aid in your development.


We supply certain products that can help to enhance your life & just as importantly, help family & friends feel confident at the same time.


We’re just like anyone else that has passion & wants to make a difference in our lives. 

Our motivation is helping others reach the same potential & goal. And creating meaningful relationships is who we are & as a family, we’ve been making positive differences in peoples’ lives, no matter how small, for many years. 

The name AbbiCare; came to be because it’s a family member.

Choosing a name was tricky because there are two girls and only one name could be chosen and big sis didn’t mind at all.

Cold hard truths; We understand that being a person with a disability & getting older is tough. 

A typical example is that a person in their 40s’ is at the same level as a person that is leaving school because the focus is on the 18-year-old. 

Because of this cold hard truth, we want to be advocates for people with disabilities & elderly who want to stir up their endorphins and do something different.

And by delivering a quality service we hope it will help people engage in their community at a different level.

For some of you that are reading this page and are online savvy, we’re an organic algorithm human version that will coach you to achieving your dreams over time.

We can wholeheartedly say that this is more than a job to us. We’re passionate and us purpose with a great feeling knowing that we can help make a difference in someones life. 

We certainly can’t promise you the earth, but we’ll do our best to make you feel that you own it!

Contact us and book an appointment today!

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Reach your potential right now by investigating how we can serve you. 

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