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electric walker – electric rollator – electric wheelchair

  • Falls Prevention Sensor
  • Long lasting Battery life
  • Foldable for boot
  • Carer drive sensor – Reduce back strain
    If it’s not called WHEELATOR then is is not seal authentic

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Multifunctional Mobility Electric Walker

At AbbiCare, we're dedicated to transforming the way you move. Our range of electric walker wheelchairs androllator walkers in Australia is designed to provide freedom, independence, and confidence to those navigating mobility challenges. With state-of-the-art electric rollators and versatile walker wheelchairs, we empower you to embrace life without limits.

Are you an elderly struggling to keep your My Aged Care dollars to provide your essential care but have to procure mobility?

Are you tired of encountering suppliers who seem more focused on making a sale than genuinely understanding your needs? Or are you looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one mobility solution that combines functionality with affordability? If you've found yourself nodding to these questions, look no further. We offer the perfect solution to enhance your daily life and offer you the comfort you deserve.

Our range of electric rollator walkers, electric walker wheelchairs, androllator walker wheelchairs in Australia is designed with your unique needs and budget in mind, ensuring you receive a product that brings improved mobility and peace of mind.

The WHEELATOR Electric Walker Wheelchair

The WHEELATOR lightweight electric walker is supplied Australia-wide by AbbiCare, and is ideal for my aged care packages & NDIS recipients.

The electric walker is designed to assist the user when walking at home or outside offering safety and confidence when walking. It offers the user confidence when walking anywhere by using the mobility walker as an electric wheelchair. It is a battery-powered smart multifunctional mobility rollator.

Discover Our Electric Walker Wheelchair Range

  • Electric Walker Wheelchairs: Our electric walker wheelchairs combine the functionality of a traditional walker with the convenience of a motorised wheelchair. Designed for those who value autonomy and ease of mobility, our products offer a seamless transition between walking and riding, ensuring you can navigate your day with confidence and comfort.
  • Rollator Walker Australia: AbbiCare's selection of rollator walkers is tailored to meet the diverse needs of Australians. From urban explorations to enjoying the great outdoors, our rollator walkers provide stability, support, and style to your mobility aid.
  • Electric Rollator Walker: Experience the future of mobility with our electric rollator walkers. Equipped with advanced features like automatic braking, uphill assistance, and ergonomic design, our electric rollators redefine what it means to move freely.


Just like the ZUBU BRAND power wheelator, it is slick with German-engineered electronics but with the look and feel of carbon fibre.

Falls Prevention Technology

The WHEELATOR hybrid electric wheelchair deploys the Intelligent braking system, preventing you from falling in the forward motion.

Up-Hill Assistance

The WHEELATOR electric wheelie walker helps you to walk up hills easily.

Carers can effortlessly push the patient effortlessly. No more back pain!

Down Hill Braking

The electric walker allows you to walk down hills easily and effortlessly. 

When walking down a hill, the rollator offers resistance, so you are in control and are not holding the rollator from running away from you. The wheels drive at your pace and keep you in control. and should you move faster, the intelligent system will speed up if you do. When you reach a flat surface, the rollator adjusts to the speed you are walking.


Two 250w brushless integrated motors are neatly tucked into the rear wheel hubs at the rear.


The brakes automatically engage when the electric walker is left by itself, thus leaving the rollator near you.

Ideal For The Home

Are you tired of using a wheelchair at home to get around? Simply use our rollators and walkers at home to negotiate awkward areas. How many times have you been walking then had to stop and sit for some breath or give your legs some pain relief? The WHEELATOR Brand hybrid Walker can now take you places by simply changing the mode, just sit and drive your electric walker around shopping centres.

Embrace Your Independence with AbbiCare's Electric Rollators and Walker Wheelchairs

Whether you're searching for an electric rollator, an electric rollator walker, or a rollator walker wheelchair, AbbiCare has innovative solutions to enhance your mobility and quality of life. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us a leader in mobility aids in Australia.

Discover the freedom to move, explore, and live life on your terms with AbbiCare. Browse our range of portable electric walker wheelchairs, mobility scooters and rollator walkers today and find the perfect companion for your mobility journey.


The rollator will sense the fall and brake to assist you to balance.

Prevent possible broken bones and being hospital bound for weeks


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1- What is the best portable walker available?
AbbiCare introduced electric rollator walker wheelchairs into Australia in 2022. Our innovation is what seperates us from well know suppliers because we care.

We introduced the first ever electric wheelchair with a passenger rear seat due to research of what people wanted then we went to work on the electric rollator.

The ZUBU or WHEELATOR can easily be folded into the boot of your car, making it the best lightest power rollator in Australia.

All other similar devices are copies after the fact, and not directly from the manufacturer of the product.

2- What Safety Features Does it Have?
The WHEELATOR electric rollator is easily one of the worlds lightest power chairs for overseas trips, local and at home weighing only 19Kg.

If the user is using it as a walker, the wheelie walker has a falls prevention sensor that helps to keep the user stable should they take a forward stumble.

This power rollator will certainly reduce the number of hospital visits nationally.

The power rollator for the elderly also is equipped with carers in mind.

While it is not a good idea to push someone in a standard walker, it is perfectly okay to do so with the ZUBU hybrid walker.

The rear handle has a carer driver sensor that when deployed, the two 250 brushless motors do the work, therefore, a carer can effortlessly push.

3- Is this Light Folding Electric Wheelchair All Terrain like the video shows?
The WHEELATOR  is not submersible but it can be considered an medium Terrain, as the video shows above only, it can go on practically most surfaces.

Outdoor surfaces include rough concrete, grass found in parks and playgrounds, gravel and dirt, as well as many indoor surfaces like carpet and rugs, tiles,wood boards and much more.

We advise that the WHEELATOR electric wheelchair is an assistive technology equipment and should be seen as one, and not a rugged rough off-road AT.

4. Considerations: Load Capacity for the ZUBU
The load capacity of the WHEELATOR rollator may change according to the type of ground on which the wheelchair or mobility scooter is used.

Loads are product tested on flat ground. However, the load capacity, performance and stability changes when the product is used.

The factors that should be considered with the supplier include the maximum gradient to be safely used, your weight Vs battery.

Always ask lots of questions to be informed.

5. I cannot walk straight, will the WHEELATOR wheelchair suit me?
Using a motorised walker in general, is measured for suitability by an Occupational Therapist and they can advise on your gait movement.

To know more about assistive devices and its advantages you can read from the national library of medicine.

In particular, the advantages of using a four wheeled power rollator for parkinsons.

Electric Rollator Safety Advice:
Do not permit those who do not understand its functions.
Do not leave in the rain for long periods of time.
Do not stand on the pedals.
Do not use over 10~12°.