Dinkum NAVIGATOR and T-100 Trailer

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Folding Wheelchair and T-100 Included

  • 47cm armrest width
  • Upto 40km distance on a full charge
  • Upto 160kg weight
  • Lightweight 28kg (One battery version)
  • Solid hard wearing PU 12″Rear  8″ Front tyres
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A Worlds’ First of Lightweight Power Wheelchairs Suited for the adverse Aussie terrains with passenger seated trailer, T-100 designed in Australia.

A Lightweight folding wheelchair, the Dinkum NAVIGATOR, has everything a person wants out of power wheelchairs.

This chair offers you a comfortable driving experience as the tyres are equipped with improved PU solid tyres, that absorbs all those awkward bumpy journeys and is puncture proof with the properties of the tyres being are scratch and rip resistant.

The Dinkum NAVIGATOR is equipped with an anti-pitch sensor, which means, there is no tilting back too far on a slope, and the seating is maximised by the centre of gravity.

This helps to maintain the balance and is powered by two powerful batteries that drive two 250w electromagnetic regeneration disc motors.

It will stop from full speed to stop in about 1 mtr and will take you up to 40kms on a full charge.

The NAVIGATOR is the king of power wheelchairs and will reduce the stress and strains of getting around with bulky scooters, and helps gain your independence back.

The T-100 trailer allows you to take your loved one strolling along the beach front or in a forest near you while driving the purpose built Dinkum T-100 trailer, which takes a few seconds to attach.

Designed right here in Australia.

Why buy from us?

We offer a great power wheelchair that will take up to 160kg, and moreover, a unique optional T-100 carer/passenger trailer to get out as a couple or (great) grandchildren.

Don’t take words written on a website as proof, click on the two videos below to see for yourself how heavy duty, fabulous looking the Dinkum Navigator is..

Young couple using the T-100 trailer with the Navigator folding electric                         wheelchair in front.

An independent young man testing the Navigator folding power wheelchair.


The T-100 trailer is designed for a carer or passenger or even a couple of grandchildren on the back to the local park. It is designed to add value to your life.

Carrying weight is 80kg and as seen on the video, it is easily pulled by the Dinkum Navigator folding power wheelchair. And they are Aussie designed.

electric wheelchair Dinkum3
Closed Wheelchair Cup Holder

Wheelchair Cup Holder or Wheelchair Bottle Holder

Handy flush and fold wheelchair cup holder or wheelchair bottle holder.

The top is adjustable for different cup 0r bottle widths and is made from PV plastic so it won’t rust.

Call and ask us to add one for free when you buy online.

Open Wheelchair Cup Holder



Strong and reliable motors combined with high density battery output gives you an enjoyable, smooth and reliable ride for years.

Product passed through ISO, FDA and CE standard.


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Standard Warranty —
 months on Battery.
2 years on frame.

“AbbiCare, The name that you can trust”..

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