Remote Control Electric Wheelchair

$ 3,899.00

HEDY Remote Control Electric Wheelchair

  • Uses App to steer the chair
  • Head-Up Display Joystick fitted left or right side
  • Up to 40km distance
  • 2x 250w Brushless motors
  • Brushless Joystick
  • 2 year Warranty
  • Free Delivery Australia wide

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    HEDY Remote Control Electric Wheelchair

    The HEDY portable folding remote control electric wheelchair is strong, reliable, comfortable and a very powerful electric wheelchair that will travel up to 40kms on a full charge.

    It has two lithium-ion batteries and two brushless maintenance free motors. Ideal for inner city, surbaban and regional lifestyles.

    Main Features and Benefits above the Competition

    • Adjustable Joystick 1 – Joystick can be adjusted to suit your driving style. Removes wrist ache.
    • Adjustable Joystick 2 – Folds neatly under the armrest to reduce space when putting into the back of your car.
    • Adjustable Joystick 3 – Folds to avoid possible joystick damage. all other joysticks stand upright.
    • Up to 40kms – From a single charge, which means, less charging.
    • High responsive remote using your mobile phone to steer. 
    • SuspensionFront and Rear to help to decrease driving on bumpy surfaces. See images.

    Most wheelchairs have a single battery and travel between 15kms-20kms when in use and factors such as hills, roughness, bumps and personal weight significantly reduces the distance.

    Having two batteries powering two motors means you are using less juice from the battery and one battery is powering one motor.

    The benfit of this is that your overall reliability is greatly improved, less strain on the battery and motor thus  giving you the peace of mind knowing you will be hassle free for years.

    With the HEDY being heavy duty remote control electric wheelchair it will also take a combined and up to 180kg, even with the T-100 passenger trailer on the back.

    The HEDY bariactric electric wheelchair batteries are good for 1000 cycles giving you peace of mind know that you don’t have to think about maintenance or changing for years to come.

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    Compact – Light – Airplane Friendly – Folds in Seconds

    1300 884 975

    Lightweight Folding Remote Control Electric wheelchair

    Superb manoeuvrability

    Thanks to its unique design, this remote control electric wheelchair spins on it’s own circle and, increases your independence even more because you can steer your wheelchair to you via the App on your cellphone.

    Download the App to have a look, go to your App store and type into search; iwheelchair. 

    The HEDY remote control wheelchair spins on its own circle so driving around tight spaces is easy.

    The compact dimensions of this power wheelchair is also great around narrow doorways or confined spaces, and is easy to fit your electric wheelchair under tables or work spaces and in the boot of your sedan or SUV.

    Airplane compliant.

    You can enjoy your national & overseas trip since it can be taken overseas and comes with MSDS should you require it. 

    The HEDY remote control electric wheelchair  

    The large 12″ rear wheelchair has deep tread making it an all terrain type when on the road, gravel or grass and will even dirve up a hilld with wet grass to give you the freedom that you want out of your travel power wheelchair.

    The Remote

    The HEDY app is very easy to use. 

    • Large driving disc.
    • Turn off Button.
    • Horn button.

    When the App is activated, the large disc on the right image turns green and with your thumb, just use the small button in the middle to either go forward, back, and left and right.

    The small button is intuative so the speed can be controlled easily. Go to your App store, download the app and have a look.

    app image

    Compatible with Dinkum T-100 Passenger Trailer or Carer Trailer

    Designed based on what people wanted to see in their power wheelchair in Australia.

    We asked our customers if they would like to see and would they use a lightweight electric wheelchair with an optional trailer seating for loved ones and lifetime partners.

    The answer was yes and most also said it would be great to take the grand kids out as well.

    So we worked with our manufacturing engineers and came up with a wheelchair that traveled up to 40kms with the option to attach a trailer.

    The T-100 is completely comfortable with a wide soft seat that is also spring held to make the ride smooth and comfortable for the passenger.

    With the trailer on the back a carer or loved one can help their husband or wife to maintain their independeance while ageing in place by be able to drive the Navigator from the rear.


    2 powerful 10AH batteries that travels up to 40kms distance with 2 X 250w brushless motors that are maintenance free, which means,


    Superior lightweight shock absorbent cushion made by the high quality and hard wearing Oxford Fabric offering you comfort while driving.The breathable material composite is also machine washable and non slip.


    Front and rear suspension springs to give you a comfortable driving experience the wheels are equipped with well-designed suspension that easily absorbs all of those awkward, bumpy journeys.

    It is also equipped with anti-pitch technology which means, there is no tilting back on a slope and the chair will stop if it exceeds a 10° hill. 


    The tyres are maximised with a variety of attributes for the adverse Aussie terrain such as: wet grass, friving up hill on wet grass, hardened sand and snow, cobbled paves and gravels.

    • Load Capacity – A polyurethane (PU) tyre can easily support twice the weight than traditional tyres can support, making polyurethanes ideal for heavy weight-bearing. 
    • Suspension Like – PU can be made to balance the weight and still offer superb suspension durability when driving over rough surfaces. It adds cushioning ( a little better) to give the driver a better and smoother ride.
    • Wear and Abrasion Resistance – Poly tires will last around four times as long as rubber tires, as rubber tires tend to wear down from long distance road friction.
    • Chemical Resistance – The chemical resistance benefits of polyurethane tyres make PU perfect to resist a multitude of surfaces the HEDY may come across.

    The PU tyres fitted on the HEDY remote control electric wheelchair will prove to be an all-arounder, more durable, flexible, hard wearing and pliable tyre.

    T-100 passenger-trailer-2

    The HEDY Portable Electric wheelchair is made for Carers as well

    We’ve taken you in mind when with the HEDY motorized wheelchair. 

    A safe and secure seat on wheels trailer with footrest, that attaches to the framework in a couple of seconds so the carer can assist in driving, via a controller attachment or, a loved can can hitch aride.

    With two powerful batteries and weight load capacity, we are confident that you will enjoy the ride.


    24 months on Frame
    18 months on Battery

    To summarise; The HEDY is probably the best power chair in Australia as it offers just about everything a person needs from their 

    abbicare are the exclusive distributor for HEDY Medical Equipment in ANZ and EU, ranging from ceiling and portable patient hoists to electric wheelchairs, including a remote control electric wheelchair.

    Sold nationally Australia wide; compable portable electric wheelchair Eagle HD. 2021 upgraded model.

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