AbbiCare Critical Information

Please read the abbicare Critical Information  (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) carefully. 

It is important to provide you with our Legal Trading Name: Rodney Coleman T/a AbbiCare ABN: 90 618 645 020

For the purpose of critical information, we will use the terms; abbicare and/or

We follow best practice policies and operate with integrity, professionalism & hold consumer rights & our rights highly.

You have the;

  • Right to complain if we have not delivered a quality working product.
  • Freedom to question us without fear.
  • The right to receive an honest & fair outcome.
  • You have the right to inform the Department of consumer rights,
  • You have the right to Reward us for following professional ethics in dealings with your complaint when it is resolved.
We have the right;
  • To not be abused
  • Refuse dealings from threats
  • Refuse to deal will people just because they simply believe they can slander a business or believe they have the right to take advantage.

We adopt a continuous improvement culture so that we can better serve consumers and strive to meet a high quality of sales and after sales service to ensure consumers feel that they are conversing with professionals.

This also includes our rights as a business to operate without fear just because a customer changes their mind. 

We base our information from various government or government affiliated sources such as &

If we make a mistake, we will take responsibility & if the mistake on the consumer then we expect the same courtesy.

We conduct all dealings in a professional manner, in-turn, expect consumers to understand their responsibilities & conduct themselves in a calm & professional manner that does not put an employee of abbicare to feel awkwardness, threatened, abused or in danger. We take any type of threat seriously and will not hesitate to contact authoriries if a member of abbicare feels threatened or in danger.

1.0 Complaint Handling

Abbicare invite you to complain if you are not satisfied with a product or service that you have received. Before you make a complaint we have some tips for you;

1. Understand your complaint and responsibility.
2. Be clear about your complaint.
3. Contact us by phone and follow-up with an email outlining our discussion.
4. Explain briefly what the complaint is for and what you expect the outcome to be. 

Contact abbicare to protect yourself, lodge your complaint by sending us an email about your complaint. We will respond within 24 hours to confirm that we have received your complaint. We hope to have your complaint addressed and an outcome within 2 working days. We keep complaints records so as to help add value to our customers through our continuous improvement culture.

1.2 Meaning of Service
We offer a service for the maintenance of our Power Wheelchairs and the Set-up for mobile SOS GPS Trackers.

Any service applied to equipment is subject to GST.

1.3 Purchase Complaints

If a product or service was ordered through our website, you will be asked to supply information relevant to your order, without limitation. We do not use your information for any other purpose. Please ensure that all packaging is as new if the items are to be returned.

1.4 Returns

All electric wheelchairs are tested and working before they are mailed out to you.

We have heavy duty foam to avoid damage and each wheelchair is packed professionally to prevent damage, however, sometimes products may get damaged when in transit in unusual cases.

If you have received a product by us and the product is damaged, you are to immediately contact us by phone and email to confirm the problem, and take photos as evidence.

Send the photos with your initial email so that we may evaluate quicker. We will also ask you if you spoke with the delivery person and questioned them about the damage.

We recommend keeping the original box and packaging because it contains important information and if we ask for the package to be returned we will replace the damaged product free of charge.

The client is responsible for the cost of return post, unless otherwise agreed. This is usually when the client demonstrates inconsistency with their claim as outlined in 1.0.

1.41 Should you change your mind after a period of seven (7) days and want a return, abbicare reserve the right to deduct 20% of the cost of the equipment as it is deemed a change of mind and used. No negotiations applies as the equipment is used.

1.42 The cost of the equipment is the sale price on the day of the transaction by you.

1.5 Critical information that you need to know;

For online sales you have 7 DAYS to return your product.

Elderly Safety Pendants – 7 days – If the pendant is deemed as not working. Returning the device in its original packaging, unscuffed, marked and customer pays for the return mail. Mail is signatured registered with tracking.

Electric Wheelchairs – 2 days – You have two days to establish if the electric wheelchair does not suit your needs, or is damaged, or not working.

Two days is deemed plenty of time to establish if the wheelchair does not suit you.

Your are to then call or email abbicare expressing your intentions to return the equipment in original packaging.

We charge an administration fee of $60.00 plus the financial institution cost which will be deducted from the refund. The product must be undamaged, as new or near new. All refunds are credited to bank accounts and we will make the request for your details when it is necessary.

All return requests after 7 Days carry the charge of $120 plus financial institution transaction amount less amount pointed out in 1.4. No acceptions.

Via website 2.9% + $60 stock admin fee
By Phone : 2.9% + $60 stock admin fee


1.5.1 Broken screw casings on products due to client heavy handedness by customer when screwing the backing of an elderly product does not constitute manufacturer error. 

This is the fault of the installer by over tightened screws when closing some assistive devices unnecessarily.

Refund amount is at our discretion if it is outside our seven day money back guarantee, and based on condition of equipment.

1.5.2 You are responsible for the return cost of the goods. We will endeavour to keep your costs to a minimum, however, you also understand that you are liable for any damage, scuffs or wear on the equipment. 

The electric wheelchair should be returned in original packaging only. If original packaging is not returned, a 2% charge is deducted for replacement.

1.5.3. In the event of a death of the intended user before the electric wheelchair has been used: We are to be notified in writing immidiately to assist with your situation.

We understand your grief and will do everything in our power to then address a credit assuming the electric wheelchair is not used, when you are ready to do so.

2.0 How We Protect Your Personal Information

2.01 We aim to be transparent. abbicare critical information is to demonstrate our transparency by providing you a policy which is important to you in terms of fairness in its processes. If for any reason that you believe we are not being transparent or fair, then please contact and let us know.

2.02 is hosted with secure high-performance technology systems to provide you with the best possible protection.

2.03 abbicare requests updates from its server provider on an ongoing basis to ensure your privacy is maximized.

2.04 Our websites’ security levels are standard for e-commerce and involve 128-bit encryption. To check the security of any website click on the padlock or key icon.

However, we take no responsibility if sensitive data is used by hackers as there is no full proof means to secure anyones’ privacy totally. If you have concerns of privacy contact us with your concerns.

2.1 Security

We take your security seriously and we use all methods available to us to ensure that your security is protected and optimised.

We advise you to never buy from a website that does not display https in the url before their domain name and a LOCK image in the beginning of the url.

We advise you to always call the business to establish if it is easy to speak to a human.

We will never ask for money via email and we advise you to do not send money to anyone that you do not know that has made a request for money via email or telephone, unless you know the person or, are dealing with the purchase with a view to buying after speaking to a human.

We may ask for money or if money is discussed but, only if the email or discussion is generated by you. 

If you do receive an email asking for money from abbicare than first check the email address before you take action. The email from abbicare is; or person name before

If anything else shows on the direct email address, it is not from us.

If the email looks suspect we suggest to do the following;

1. Email or call abbicare instantly and inform us, if it is not us;
2. Report it to the ACMA 
3. Report it to ScamWatch

2.2 Cookies

We may use ‘cookies’.

A cookie is a small text file that our website may place on your computer as a tool to remember your preferences. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser, however please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of this website.

2.3 Links To Other Web Sites

Our website may contain links to third-party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by the domain name that the reference is pointing you to. We are not responsible for their websites. You must read their website terms & Conditions before browsing their website. We offer other links to other websites for the benefit of our readers via our Blog Pages or anywhere else in our website.

You further acknowledge and agree that abbicare shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such web sites or services.


3.0 Subscriptions

The information that you share with is for updating subscribers on blog posts only. We do not share your information for other purposes.

Purchasers may be added to our subscription page. However, you have the option to unsubscribe.

Comment Content

Our Service allows you to post feedback, however, if we deem a comment to disrespect in any manner, we reserve the right to delete your comment without notice or, take legal action.

4.0 Serviceable Products

Our electric wheelchairs are maintenance free, however, should you want to have your equipment serviced call your local independant mobility service specialist or, call abbicare.

5.0 Warranty

All products showcased on this website hold standard twelve (12) months warranty. Unless otherwise stated in the respective product page.

If a product has been altered without the express permission of abbicare whilst under warranty, the equipment warranty is cancelled. 

The purchaser of the equipment is assumed to have read these terms of conditions to understand their consumer rights by law, and that of abbicare critical information.

All equipment bought online, via website, carry a Seven (7) day money back guarantee.

Seven (7) days begins from the first day the customer receives the equipment.

6.0 Interest Free Opions

Interest free options are payable by the deposit displaying on the Interest free page and repayments are in advance. abbicare owns the product outright until the last payment is received.

Identification is required ie, drivers licence, power and gas bill for proof of address.

A credit/debit card is required.

The user is to adhere to servicing requirements to ensure warranty is maintained until the equipment is paid for in full.

6.1 Default Payments:

We believe that avoiding unnecessary stress begins with communication so contact us and we can work out a plan to better suit your needs.

abbicare maintain ownership of the property until full payment is completed. 

Our products are serial numbered to protect you from theft and protect abbicare from theft.

We will communicate with you three times and if we do not get a reply we will contract the necessary authorities to repossess our equipment without hesitation.

Accepting the goods is deemed as having read our critical information.

We may seek legal proceedings in order to ensure our equipment is returned to us. If this is the case we reserve the right to claim out costs from payments made. All other payments are forfeited and cannot be redeemed. However, we will try our best to ensure that we are here for you and may consider a restructured payment plan to ensure that you maintain your equipment.

7.0 Mobile SOS GPS Safety Pendants Information
BEACON Products

We can offer advice on the various sim cards that may benefit you, however, you are responsible for the decision as to which provider you choose.

You agree that if you choose to purchase a safety pendant, with you installing, you agree that abbicare have no responsibility if the pendant is not working.

You are to contact your provider for on-going costs & signals as you would do with your mobile phone. abbicare are not responsible for loss of signals where the pendant is used.

You are protected by Telecommunications Consumer Protection to ensure that you’re being charged correctly for monthly charges. 

abbicare recommend that you know what you are signing for when a micro SIM card is installed into the device.

abbicare are not responsible for Telco companies and their policies and the decision of the Telco used in our BEACON SOS Safety Pendants is the decision of the user or family that has made the purchased.

All types of gps trackers utilise latest positioning tracking technology via satellites for locating and therefore, as with mobile smart phones, personal addresses can be exposed. If you choose to use this type of technology it is deemed that you have given your expressed authority and have i) read our Critical Information, ii) Accept the privacy risks that are associated with this technology.

AbbiCare Critical Information meets the revised European Union General Data Protect Regulation Laws (GDPR). GDPR legislation and translations can be read on this website.

7.0 Rental Equipment

It is important to know that all equipment is traceable. To avoid embarrassment we advise to return equipment when agreed upon.

Rental equipment is approved by;

  1. Creditcard only
  2. Proof of identity, valid drivers licence.

Customers need to know that if equipment is not returned abbicare will make one call for equipment return. If the equipment is not returned with tracking details  with registered signature, abbicare will notify police authorities to repossess equipment and charges will be laid on the offender.