Eagle HD

$ 3,699.00


Improved 2021 EagleHD® model

  • Improved cushion
  • Improved front-end suspension
  • Improved Joystick bracket- Folds neatly to avoid damage when loading into boot
  • Improved Off-board charging

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    Eagle HD Folding Electric Wheelchair – BARIATRIC HEAVY DUTY POWER WHEELCHAIRS


    Eagle HD Warranty – 2 years on frame – Battery 1 year 

    abbicare are the Australia & New Zealand exclusive appointed distributors of the Eagle Power range of mobility chairs and are proud to serve customers Australia wide

    High quality Folding electric wheelchair sold Australia wide with zero returns or manufacturing faults since 2016.

    The Eagle wheelchair has become popular due to the carrying weight of 180 kgs and the Eagle HD ability to drive over so many different terrains with ease.

    The Eagle wheelchair is designed for the elderly and people with disability in mind; 

    • The batteries are neatly situated at seat height “No getting on your knees” for battery removal from under the seat. Most comparable power wheelchairs have batteries underneath.
    • Two high density polymer li-ion airplane safe batteries driving two 250w motors which means, real 2 wheel drive and less stain on battery power.
    • Large rear wheel and corrosive resistant tyres with deep tread for all terrain driving and will easily drive over cobbled pave, hardened sand, gravel with ease.
    • Fastest and easiest folding electric on the market.

    Spins on its own circle
    allowing you great maneuverability indoors and the seat is situated to maximise centre of gravity for comfortable driving and easily goes up a 12° hill. It won’t roll back. 

    The 12″ rear wheels has great traction on various terrains and grips on wet grass.

    The Eagle Heavy Duty folding electric wheelchair has ‘no getting on your knees’ batteries that are situated at seat height and can be removed in a few seconds.

    The li- ion batteries can be charged whenever you want and have a high energy density, which means, it is low maintenance – no periodic discharge is needed as there is no memory.

    Safely drives uphill on wet grass, gravel, cobbled and rough pavement and is designed for the active person wanting their freedom back.

    The intelligent joystick is brushless and maintenance free giving you many years of hassle free use.

    The brushless motors are equipped with a regenerative electromagnetic disc braking system with intelligent sensors and will automatically stop if the power wheelchair exceeds a 12° hill.

    Complies with airlines and msds data is available.

    Both the backrest and cushion are machine washable, anti-bacterial and breathable for comfort and made from Oxford fabrics.

    Eagle HD is Maintenance Free

    The Eagle wheelchair Heavy Duty is built with high quality electronic components, stainless parts and aero alloys so it is virtually maintenance free. 

    For heavy users all you need do is check allen bolts more often, maybe once every six months. For low users once a year. 

    We have very happy customers all the way along the eastern seaboard, from northern Queensland to NSW, from Victoria to Hobart includng South Australia and WA.

    The two batteries are seat height that can hold their charge for months, if the chair is not used and turned off, we know because we’ve tested it. 

    No other motorised wheelchair matches the Eagle Power Range with its two years warranty confidence and peace of mind for your investment.

    Call 1300 884 975 for more information or click on the wider armrest eagle wheelchair click HERE

    Note: If you came here afterviewing the US version then you’ve come to the right place. We upgraded the EagleHD® wheelchair to a better wheelchair focusing on improved comfort and ease of use.


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