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ZUBU BRAND® power assisted walker ZB03

  • Anti-Slip Technology – helps to prevent falls
  • Up to 100kg payload
  • Great for grass, uphill and downhill
  • Battery Powered Walker Foldable for boot
    seal authentic
    electric mobility rollator

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Another Australia First by AbbiCare, we’re bringing innovation to help change your world!

Multifunctional Power Assisted Walker Rollator

Are you struggling to get your excercise because you are afraid to hurt yourself?

Do you find most suppliers are not understanding your situation?

Have you been searching for something at an affordable price to keep you safe?

If you answered yes to questions above then we have the solution to give you peace of mind and get you walking again with confidence.

The ZUBU BRAND Power Assisted Walker Hybrid

The ZUBU BRAND is supplied Australia wide, and ideal for my aged care packages & NDIS recipients.

It is designed to assist the user when walking at home or outside offering safety and confidence when walking.

This device replaces your walker, manual rollator and walking stick.

It is a designed to offer you confidence when walking anywhere by using the safety features to assist you walking.


Falls Prevention Technology for peace of mind

If you happen to trip in the forward motion, traditional rollators will keep rolling with you ending up on the floor as a result.

The zubu electric rollator sensor will help to prevent a fall in the forward motion and allows the user to get their balance back, and possiblly prevent breaking a bone.. Peace of mind!

Up-Hill Assistance

The carer sensor power assisted walker will help you to keep your balance, and do all the driving up-hill as the motors do the work, and not you. No more back pain!

Down Hill Braking

Another benefit of the ZUBU power assisted walker is that it  allows you to walk down hills easily effortlessly. 

When walking down a hill the rollator offers resistance to help prevent the it from running away as a standard rollator would. 

Is there anyone that isn’t fed up of pushing their rollator uphill and trying to hold onto it when walking down a hill?

The  ZUBU electric walker for adults drives to your pace and keeps you in control and should you move faster, and the intelligent system will speed up with you.


Two 250w brushless intergrated electromagnetic motors are neatly tucked into the rear wheel hubs.


The brakes automatically engage when the electric walker is left by itself.

Ideal for the home

Are you tired of using a wheelchair at home to get around? 

Simply use it as rollators and walkers at home to negotiate awkward areas.

The ZUBU BRAND power assisted walker helps you;

  • With your confidence when out
  • Helps you walk down a hill with confidence
  • Helps you walk up a hill easily
  • And help to keep you out of hospital

Australias’ first bespoke Hybrid Power Assisted Walker by ZUBU BRAND®

If you would like a quote to submit to your OT,  please contact us submitting an email at the top right of this page or call 1300 884 975.

Q & A

  1. How long will the battery last?
    Lithium-ion batteries are strong, hold their charge and are good for about 1000 cycles, which equates to around 4-5 years.
  2. Is this an Australian Brand?
    Yes, The ZUBU BRAND is a line of boutique walkers and abbicare are the exclusive Australian distributors.
  3. It seems a little heavy for me, is there something lighter that is powered?
    The ZUBU is one of the lightest forms of power chairs in the world. It is lighter than the nearest Carbon fibre power chair.
  4. Who should not use an electric rollator walker?
    Heavily vision impaired and loss of motor skills. Always seek the advice from an allied professional.

ZUBU BRAND Electric Rollator Safety Advice:
Do not leave the ZUBU in the rain for long periods of time.
Do not stand on the pedals.
Do not exceed 15° hill.
Do not exceed 120kg weight


abbicare also carry a bespoke range of power wheelchairs that are successfully accepted on my aged care plans and NDIS recipients.

If you want something heavy duty in the foldable wheelchair lightweight then we recommend the Navigator for its distance and affordability.

We also have the folding wheelchair lightweight with the EagleHD which is also a heavy duty folding power wheelchair with great features.

And if you would like a mobility scooter price please do not hesitate to contact us.

abbicare are not the leading suppliers of Trionic premium quality and uniquely designed mobility aids.

The Trionic rollator or Trionic walker is and off road walker as well.

The Airgo Fusion side-folding rollator & tranport chair is also a comparable rollator but doesn’t have the motorized rollator ability.

Overall, the ZUBU motorized rollator or electric walker is much better and will make your life easier and offers peace of mind.

The ello electric walker is the ideal companion/walking aid going outdoors for those who wish to be able to exercise and walking by yourself.

The electric motor are neatly located in the rear wheel, and maintains the same speed on all surfaces and situations.

Should you let go of the rollator, the ZUBU will automatically stop, ensuring your safety by staying near you.

BUZU Brand is also another term used for zubu brand awareness.

BUZU can be known as the holy grail of a transport chair, rollator walker all in one due to its ability to promote independence.

The Heron power rollator walker is similar to the ZUBU and performs the same functions. It is also 18.6 KG and the rollator walker is a mobility aid.