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  • Enabled users to walk more upright, resulting in better back posture.
  • You will feel safer and more durable than your usual rollator or walker.
  • Removes the slouch and improves oxygen intake.
  • Reduce wrist fatigue and possible back fatigue.

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Upright Walker for seniors is designed for less pain, better stability & a happier Life.

ZUBU Walkers with seat addresses the deficiencies of conventional walkers, including falls prevention, slouching, and lack of user confidence and comfort.

How many times have you picked your traditional walker up to take it where you need to go?

Unlike traditional walkers, that sometimes forces you to hunch over or find it annoying by putting painful pressure on your wrists and back, the ZUBU standing walker is designed to support you in a secure upright position offering better posture, so you have more confidence and less pain.

Feel More Independent on Your Feet with an upright walker Now!

Immobility can slow you down and limit your activity, forcing you to miss out on all the enjoyment life has to offer. The upright Life Walker may help you maintain an active lifestyle both inside and outside. Use the up Walker rolling walker with seat for daily living, shopping, exercise, and social events!

The ZUBU gutter forearm Walker is designed to position the user mass in the center of the unit, front to back and side to side with user weight directed downward inside the wheels.

By doing so it stabilizes the user when walking or standing. The features of the ZUBU stand straight Walker increase stability by positioning the users’ weight inside the wheels instead of on top of the wheels to decrease pan & prevent falls.

In addition to its stability and safety design features, the ZUBU up right walker also includes features designed for user comfort and ease of use.

Features such as;

  • Adjustable arm length
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjust the hand grip to the angle of your wrist

The ZUBU BRAND is bespoke, and the upright standing walker is revolutionary and one of the best upright walkers in Australia.

When you use the ZUBU upright forearm walker, you’re able to walk upright with a more normal gait.

It is incredibly stable, and it makes the user feel stable. This allows them to get outside and to be independent again.

A study conducted by a leading medical research center showed that walking upright improved user posture and sense of security, increased endurance and feel happier which in turn, reduces pain.

What the ZUBU BRAND upright life walker will do for you;

  • Enabled users to walk more upright, resulting in better back posture.
  • You will feel safer and more durable than your usual rollator or walker.
  • Removes the slouch and improves oxygen intake.
  • enables user to offload a portion of their body weight carried by wrists when using a traditional walker, and possible back fatigue.

Our premium rollator upright walker provides users with the utmost care and support while they maneuver both indoors and outdoors.

Fitted with four sturdy wheels, the standing walker smoothly moves over any type of terrain with extreme ease. These wheels ensure that users get to move around with the upright walkers for seniors at a comfy speed.

Equipped with ergonomic handles, the stand-up straight walker provides you with a comfy and tight grip at all times. In fact, the handbrakes of the standup walkers for seniors are perfectly positioned on the handles for ease of access.

And it goes without saying that the ZUBU upright rollator can assist with gait to improve mobility.

Best part is that it is suitable to use on most types of terrain, giving you the freedom to roam wherever you please.


LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing at only 9kg, the standup walker is extremely lightweight and portable. Users won’t have a hard time maneuvering through uneven and inclined paths when walking with the standing walker.

HEAVY-DUTY – Despite its lightweight build, the upright walker for seniors cross-member engineered design can carry loads of up to 136kg.  Not only that frame the frame can withstand constant use without breaking down.

ADJUSTABLE ARM HEIGHT– Short & tall heights can conveniently use the standup walker for seniors by simply adjusting its handles. The design is smooth when adjusting.

SEAT – Padded with a soft to touch artificial leather feel.
SIDE HANDRAILS – Neatly tucked are the handrails with grips for helping yourself up after a rest from walking.

WHEELS – Four well designed shiny 8” wheels with continuous ball bearing movement for easier rolling to aid smoother walking.

LEGS – The rear legs are designed to be removed easily for tight spaces of small car boots. No more frustration.

BRAKE HANDLE GRIP BARS – The front handlebar grips are fully adjustable to suit your wrist angle to aid in minimizing wrist fatigue. The arm bar is also adjustable to accommodate different arm lengths for comfort.


MODEL: ZUBU BRAND Upright Rollator

Material: Aluminum

Weight: 9kg

Maximum Load Capacity: 136kg

Seat Area: 45 x 25 cm
Seat Height to ground: 56cm

Upright Bar Width:

Total Width: 61.5 cm
Total Depth: 69 cm

Handle Adjustable Height: 101-113 cm

What People Say

“I have ankle problems and used mobility scooter, transport chair and cane, but none were very successful, and the scooter wasn’t easy to take anywhere. With my Walker, I’m now able to walk upright with less pain in my ankles and wrists while going further distances with much greater confidence and security. I get asked about my ZUBU walker all the time and gladly recommend calling AbbiCare to friends and strangers alike.” – Carmen

“The ZUBU has been a Godsend. I had four surgeries on my lower back and both hips replaced, as well as arthritis. As a result, I could hardly walk half per a click a day without pain. After purchasing the ZUBU upright Life walker, I now walk everywhere. I think my heart muscle has gotten stronger and lower back pain has reduced so I’m taking less pain killers. The ZUBU has literally given my life back and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.” – Russ


What is a rollator?
A rollator is known an assistive technology and is also referred to as a walker with a seat with three or four wheels and handlebars. Rollators or wheelie walkers are mobility devices ideal for elderly who are able to walk but may need assistance or require frequent breaks.

The height can be adjusted for comfort and include handle brakes and a crossbar for back support when sitting.

What’s the difference between a rollator vs. walker?
A walker is a mobility device with a handlebar and four legs with no wheels. Walkers can also have two wheels or no wheels, and depends on the model.
A rollator is similar but includes three to four wheels and a seat whereas a walker may have a tray for putting things on.

An obvious feature between a walker and a rollator is that a rollator allows for comfortable seating with support when you are tired of walking or standing. Because rollators have wheels on all legs, they may not provide as much stability for someone with severe balance issues as the stationary legs of a walker would.

What types of walkers & Rollators are there?
There are many different looking four wheeled rollators and walkers available and they all have someting in common, indoor use only and outdoor/indoor use.
An important feature to consider is bending or straining to reach the handles which can render your rollator ineffective. Look for adjustable models to optimise your comfort.

Do rollators have breaks?
There are two functional braking systems on a rollator: First, loop-lock brakes, whereby the user squeezes the handles of your rollator, and secondly, the push-down brakes which require downward pressure on the frame to lock and secure the rollator from moving.
Loop-lock brakes are common on and are similar to bicycle handle brakes, with a loop.

Do rollators have storage?
Most have a storage bag, usually shower proof and different sizes so choosing what suits you is advisable. Some rollators have a basket and are usually small in size and not water or showerproof.


AbbiCare also offer bespoke power rollator  that doubles up as an wheelchair with safety features worth reading such as falls prevention.

The Navigator electric chair is a workhorse power chair that will drive over most terrains from cobbled pave to hardened sand and wet grass.

Backing up the heavy duty range is the EagleHD which is also popular nationally and as with the Navigator, it comes in a bariatric version.


To compliment the ZUBU BRAND range of rollators AbbiCare have a range of clothing with airbags to keep you safe while walking.

The clothing is quality made, designed in Australia and is for both women and men with the sizes to suit different cuddliness.

The belt is the most popular due to it being virtually invisible and how this works is that the airbags are inside, and when a fall occurs, the sensors deploy the airbag and helps with impacting the floor and saving broken hips and a visit to the hospital.

The airbag jacket is stylish and comfortable and designed to take a shower. The benefit of this piece of clothing is that when the airbags are activated, the hood automatically covers the head to prevent serious head injury.

The pants are also comfortable and is designed to prevent fractured hips or replacement to injury.

The upwalker upright walker is a similar USA brand that stack up with the ZUBU range as they are both heavy duty as with the vive mobility upright walker.