ZUBU BRAND – 02 ROLLATOR Motorized Wheelchair

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ZUBU BRAND® motorized rollator ZB02

  • Falls prevention
  • E-Wheelchair
  • E-Attendant Drive Mode
  • Long lasting Battery life
  • Battery Powered walker Foldable for boot
  • seal authenticEverything else is just a copy!

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Is your rollator really taking care of you when you are walking, or are you taking care of the rollator so it doesn’t slip away?

Are you fed up of cumbersome assistive technology at home when you have enough to worry about with pain?

Do you find your electric wheelchair is too much to manoeuvre arond the house?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above then we have the ideal solution that can help to improve your daily life.

Introducing the ZUBU BRAND Motorized Rollator or Electric Rollator

The ZUBU BRAND lightweight four-wheel motorized rollators and walkers are supplied Australia wide, and ideal for my aged care packages & NDIS.

The electric rollator is designed to assist the user when walking at home or outside offering safety and confidence when walking.

The ZUBU BRAND motorized rollator replaces your walker, manual rollator, mobility scooter and electric wheelchair to become the ultimate e-traveller for you.

It is a great companion to keep you on the move and offers the user confidence when walking anywhere as when you get tired.

The ZUBU_Robot walker powered by a lithium battery weighing only 1.8kg cannot be compared to any other walker in Australia.


Falls Prevention

If you happen to trip forward or lose your balance, traditional rollators will keep rolling with you ending up on the floor as a result.

This power rollator can be considered as a hospital prevention device because the gyro-sensor i-braking system will activate to get your balance and prevent bone breaks.

Up-Hill Assistance

The ZUBU motorized rollator can help you to walk up hills easily.

It will assist you to keep your balance on a continuing basis by touching the drive sensor on the handle.

This feature is particularly useful if a carer is pushing. If they are presented with a hill, by simply touching the drive sensor, the ZUBU will do all the work.


The concealed electric motor is at the rear wheel hub, and zubu _robot maintains the same speed on all surfaces and situations for the user.

The powered rollator automatically stops once it is let go, ensuring your safety and peace of mind knowing that you are safe.


The brakes automatically engage when the electric walker is left by itself, thus leaving the rollator near you, even if you are on a hill.

Down Hill Braking

The set speeds allow you to walk down a hill effortlessly and comfortably.

The set speed keeps you moving forward, and should you move faster, the ZUBU electric walker assumes you are falling and brakes automatically.

When you reach a flat surface, the rollator will automatically adjust to the speed you are walking.

Ideal for the home

Are you tired of using a wheelchair at home to get around?

The ZUBU BRAND motorized rollator or electric rollator replaces your;

  • Walker
  • Manual Rollator
  • Possible replace your hemiplegia walker
  • Electric Wheelchair
  • mobility scooter

ZUBU BRAND motorized rollator/walker is an electric Wheelchair

How many times have been walking then had to stop and sit for some breath or give your legs some pain relief?

ZUBU Brand motorized walker with seat can now take you places by simply changing the mode, just sit and drive your electric walker.

View in the video below to see how your life can change instantly.

Introducing Australias’ first Electric Walker by ZUBU BRAND® AUSTRALIA

ZUBU BRAND Electric Rollator Safety Advice:
Do not leave the ZUBU in the rain for long periods of time.
Do not stand on the pedals.
Do not exceed 15° hill.
Do not exceed 120kg weight

abbicare also carry high quality range of power wheelchairs that are accepted on my aged care plans and NDIS recipients Australia wide.

We also provice SOS Safety Pendants for the elderly that in an emergency a fallen senior can get help fast.

abbicare are the leading suppliers sini Trionic premium quality and uniquely designed mobility aids. It is not an electric rollator or a motorized rollator .

The Trionic rollator or Trionic walker is an off road electric walker for adults, and our innovative Trionic Walker can be compared to the zubu rollator walker sold in Australia.

The steller electric rollator side-folding rollator & tranport chair is also a comparable rollator but doesn’t have the motorized rollator with higher handles.

Overall, the ZUBU motorized rollator or is much better and will make your life easier.

The ello motorized walker is another comparable walker but isn’t the ideal companion/walking aid like the ZUBU rollator is.

BUZU Brand is also another term used for zubu brand awareness.

BUZU can be known as the holy grail of a transport chair, rollator walker all in one due to its ability to promote independence.

ZUBU motorized walker for elderly is the only one in Australia and maybe the best electric walker that offers peace of mind for the user.