Dinkum T-100 Passenger Trailer

$ 1,450.00 $ 1,400.00

  • Airplane grade Aluminium
  • Wide seat for comfort
  • Spring suspension under seat for smoother feeling
  • Ideal wheelchair trailer for elderly or carer
  • Grand Children hitch a ride with grandie!
  • *Free Delivery Australia Wide

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    Dinkum T-100 Passenger Electric Wheelchair Trailer

    Australian innovative design and heavy duty wheelchair trailer or passenger trailer that will carry a person on the back easily. 

    We asked customers “would you like the idea of a passenger trailer as an option when buying a lightweight power wheelchair?”

    The majority said yes, they would love to have the option of a carer or passenger trailer in Australia. Some even said it would be great to take the grandchildren to the park.

    As a result, The T-100 wheelchair trailer has been manufactured to meet the demands of the ever growing need to be involved in the community and, the ability to take someone.

    An ideal option for the elderly on the my aged care, Auscare packages or people with a disability on the NDIS. It allows people to connect socially and be involved more.

    The Dinkum wheelchair trailer is an optional accessory made for the Dinkum Navigator lighweight folding power wheelchair that was also designed by abbicare.

    The T-100 neatly fits into the back if the power chair with two spring loaded lock bolts and by pushing the bolt to safely lock it into place.

    The Dinkum T-100 passenger trailer bolts just need to be pushed in and the bolts loosens allowing the user to easily remove for storage.

    Note: This passenger trailer is not designed for other or lesser cheap brands as the cheap brands are not powerful enough.

    The Dinkum Navigator is one of two folding motorized wheelchairs in Australia that is able to withstand the weights with ease.

    Attachments are at design stage for the EaglePower HD and Eagle WD Brands by abbicare due to the Eagle being a comparable heavy duty folding power wheelchair.

    We also recommend looking at the RANA Telescopic ramp 1800mm that aids in being able to put your power wheelchair into the back of your hatch, SUV or FWD safely without straining your back. 

    Ideal for the elderly and disabled to stay safe and keep independant.

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    Read about the Stay Safe Mobility Guide compliments of the Cairns regional Council in Australia by clicking HERE