RANA Telescopic Ramps For Wheelchairs

$ 349.00 $ 295.00

1.8mtr Telescopic Ramps For Wheelchairs

Safe and easy mounting of foldable motorized wheechairs
1mtr to 1.8mtr
270kg combined weight
Aluminium Alloy
Super Course Grit quality
Easy push Lock and unlock buttons

High quality by abbicare
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    Telescopic Ramps for wheelchairs

    Mobility ramps are ideal for the person on the move and are easily reduced to a managable size for storing in your vehicle.

    Mobility ramps are also used to manage steps, doorways and navigate other challenges easily when out visiting places.

    A bright yellow push release button allows you to stretch the 1mtr ramp to 1.8mtr and will take upto 270kg safely

    Made from high-strength marine grade aluminium alloy and is rust-free.

    RANA Telescopic ramps are corrosion resistant so they will last for years and can also be used for many applications and, these mobility ramps are also zero-maintenance. 

    Simply wipe with a clean damp cloth to keep it looking good.

    They are equipped with a high-traction gritted surface to prevent from slipping and the RANA wheelchair ramps and are walled to prevent you from driving off the ramp.

    The RANA mobility ramps feature curved lips on both ends for smooth transitioning and fits perfectly well for manual and power wheelchairs. 

    Rana telescopic ramps are ideal and an excellent all-rounder backed by high quality and 12 month manufacturer warranty.

    bumper protector
    Protect your bumber Click image
    electric wheelchair Dinkum2
    Dinkum Navigator Travels 40kms

    RANA telescopic ramps are a lighter option for the elderly and disabled because they are lightweight and simply reduce to a shy over one metre.

    Which means, they will easily fit near your shiny EagleHD or Dinkum Navigator power wheelchair in the back.

    How to safely load your ewc into the back of your vehicle.

    I just want to say that these telescopic ramps can possibly save on back injury and reduces the load for the carer and we all know that without a carer, some of us may struggle with ageing in place or living in our homes.

    So the wheelchair telescopic ramps are beneficial all round and also promotes independance. Win/win.

    1. Flip the bumper protector mat out to protect your bumber.
    2. Open the telescopic ramps and place on the vehicle.
    3. Line up ramps to the wheels of the wheelchair.
    4. Note: It may be easier to have the 12″ rear wheels first. (opposite to images)
    5. Carefully lift the power wheelchair by the footrest and push up, while in motion continue to keep pushing until the folding electric wheelchair is in the back.
    6. When the power chair is situated in the chosen position, simply lock the chair by flipping the red levers on the motor
    7. You’re all done!

    Read about ramp safety HERE. Compliments of Product Safety Australia and the ACCC.