Wheelchair Bag

$ 59.00

Fits perfectly well on manual and power wheelchairs.
Includes delivery
Side pocket netting for water bottle
Good quality abbicare


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Wheelchair Bag or Bag for Wheelchair

This wheelchair bag fits perfectly well on manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. It has strong zips to keep groceries locked in and side netting pockets for water and nick nacks.

The wheelchair shopping bag has;

  • Strong Zips
  • Detachable locking clips for easy removal
  • Up to 15kg carrying weight
  • Waterproof

The wheelchair shopping bag will carry up to 15 kg in weight and is made from high quality waterproof fabric to keep your groceries dry when caught in the rain.

This wheelchair bag looks great, neat and tidy

How to attach the wheelchair bag to your chair.

Traditionally people simply undo the clips and attach it to the backrest handle. This is generally ok but the bag sometimes looks sloppy and untidy from the rear.

This is all well and fine but, if you’re one of those that like their draws to be neat and tidy we have a suggestion for you to attach your wheelchair bag so it will look neat.

  1. Undo the clips from the wheelchair bag so they are away from the bag.
  2. With the strap in one hand, remove the strap from the clip so that the strap and clip are separate.
  3. Wrap the strap around the wheelchair backrest handle and start threading it back into the wheelchair bag clip.

It may be a tight squeeze to feed the strap through but the end result is worth the effort. 

We suggest to make things easier while attaching the strap, try using a pair of plyers or long nose plyers to grip the strap.

Once both straps are fed through, tighten the straps and attach the wheelchair shopping bag.,