NAVIGATOR Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair

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Dinkum Navigator Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair

  • 6 Shock Absorbers
  • Smart BlueTooth Folding & Unfolding
  • Adjustable Joystick Length
  • Large 12″ pneumatic rear
  • 10Ah Li-Ion Battery – lasts 4-5 years
  • 2 Year Warranty on Frame
  • 1 Year Warranty on Battery
  • Airline Compliant electric Wheelchair
    Folding electric wheelchair Australia with Wheelchair Auto Folding

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NAVIGATOR Auto Folding Electric Wheelchair 

Do you find folding an electric folding wheelchair annoying?

Does your back hurt with all the fuffing around?

If you answered yes then the Navigator auto folding electric wheelchair is ideal for you as it will do all the folding and unfolding work for you.

The Navigator auto folding electric wheelchair is easily folded with the BlueTooth device that comes with it, or folding and unfolding can be done on-board.

The Navigator auto folding electric wheelchair also has great features over its competitors. Features such as

  • Massive 6 shock absorbers – Reduces coccyx fatigue when seated for long periods while driving.
  • Adjustable Joystick – Adjust to your comfort to reduce wrist fatigue.
  • Footrest hand grip – easily use the handgrip to pull or push in freewheel. Unique to AbbiCare
  • 2 Years warranty on the frame

This electric wheelchair auto folding is ideal for the ones that want to get out in the great Aussie outback and just drive.

Ideal for NDIS or my aged care packages and people looking to get out into the great outdoors.

Don’t let limited mobility stop you from exploring your world!

The Wheelchair

The NAVIGATOR auto folding electric wheelchair 2022 model is the Lion of power wheelchairs for sale in Australia. 

It uses a powerful 10AH batteries that drives 2 250w brushless motors and will take you up to 20kms on a single charge.

With the brushless motors and joystick controller you can say goodbye to regular servicing as our range of power chairs are maintenance free.

A free set of tools comes with the package for periodic screw and nut checking. If you’re a heavy user then we recommend checking 3/4 time a year.

The NAVIGATOR folding power wheelchair will carry up to 120kg with an optimised centre of gravity seat that is comfortable to sit on.

Combined with the free wheeling 8″ front wheels, this electric automatic folding wheelchair can cope with all kinds of road conditions as it grips well over wet grass, cobbled stones and gravel.

Live your life as you want to

Ideal for NDIS and myagedcare packages for the elderly and people with walking impairments such as parkinsons as the joystick allows for easy control.

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       CE, ISO9001, ISO13485


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Old fashioned wheelchair supplier service of yesteryear


Warranty — 24 months on Frame and 12 months on Battery

“abbicare, the name that you can trust”..

We’re in the business of ensuring you get the best and we will continually do our best to serve you.

Q & A

  1. How long do Lithium batteries last?
    Lithium ion batteries are the latest batteries available and with correct charging can last up to 1000 cycles. To put into perspective, lithium should last arounf 4/5 years.
  2. What does omnidirectional joystick mean?
    Omnidirectional joystic mean similar to the term 360°. It means the contacts are receiving signals from or transmitting in all directions.
  3. What are the differences between the Navigator and another folding power wheelchair?
    Quite simply, the Navigator has more suspension, drives further from a single charge and some models use old technology that hasn’t been updated since 2010.
    Another benefit of the Navigator is the foldable joystick which prevents damage to the joystick when putting into the boot and it has a handle on the footrest for easy gripping.
  4. Do you supply Nationally?
    Yes, AbbiCare have been successfully supplying nationally for many years.
  5. What about servicing and spare parts?
    Our Wheelchairs are maintenance free, however, like any product, we recommend checking the nuts and bolts periodically to prevent damage and we carry parts.

AbbiCare have a boutique range with the ZUBU BRAND electric rollator that enables the user to use the rollator as a walker and doubles up as an electric wheelchair as well

The auto folding electric wheelchair by abbicare is one of  many powerchairs.
AS a boutique mobility supplier we also have a bariatric folding power wheelchair and the electric wheelchair weight in kg is 28.
So if you’re looking for a folding electric wheelchair for sale Perth, please contact us.
AbbiCare are the lightweight folding electric wheelchair Australia specialists.
Compared to the pride igo folding power wheelchair the Navigator out performs it in all way and you don;t have to take the joystick off for starters.

If you are searching for lightweight foldable electric wheelchair australia or foldable electric wheelchair australia in search engines the AbbiCare are the place to start.