Our Mission

We exist to promote ageing in place and independence, bringing innovative equipment to help change your world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve you, be customer-centric, and ensure your world has a positive outcome.

Who we are

We are an Australian NDIS-approved and My Aged Care package provider for lightweight mobility wheelchairs or folding power wheelchairs, ZUBU BRAND electric rollators and walkers and BEACON panic safety personal alarms for the elderly.

We have become one of Australia’s trusted lightweight mobility power wheelchair specialists with a history of offering value for money, listening tentatively to your needs first before anything else and keeping you informed with integrity.

The business came into existence due to a personal experience in caring from the founder, Rod. 

His mother was a fall risk and diagnosed with dementia, and she refused to be admitted into a care facility, so Rod put his life on hold and took care of his mother to the end of life. 

Over that full-time period, he certified himself in the nationally accredited aged care III course and gained valuable experience within the aged care industry, particularly Dementia. Over 4 years, Rod realised that there is nothing more rewarding than helping people.

Having been in leadership roles and business for over thirty years, Rod decided that while at home, he should develop a business based on the products his mother required. 

From that AbbiCare was born. It only made sense to utilise spare time to create something others will benefit from as well.

He also utilises his life skills and global experience to help others in need in his everyday life, and it’s as simple as that.

He now mentors others in life skills to be more independent in the disability sector and to be aware of their rights, which, in turn, aids in increasing better awareness, empowerment and confidence for people with a disability.

And, no surprise, he advocates for the elderly who are assisted with living independently.

AbbiCare has kept its quality products and maintained the core structure of being a lightweight electric mobility specialist and medical alert alarm in Australia for the elderly.

AbbiCare offers a unique bespoke range of carefully selected lightweight folding power wheelchairs in Perth & Australia.

AbbiCare Values

Compassion – We understand the needs of those we serve.
Integrity – Our commitment is to deliver morals that are honest & meaningful.
Respect – AbbiCare forges the rights and dignity of individuals so that they are in control and have no problem reminding others of the simplest of human rights.
Excellence – Quality & challenging to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Service – We are here to serve you and guarantee your experience with us is po-sitive.


Australian Firsts by AbbiCare

Dinkum Navigator – 2020 – Designed around what our elderly would like to see, a robust electric wheelchair that has distance, reliability and some fun.

So we introduced Australia’s first electric wheelchair with a passenger trailer to take grandchildren out to have fun or be used by a carer! All others are copies!

ZUBU BRAND Hybrid electric rollator and electric wheelchair – 2020 – we boast working with Chinese and German engineers to produce the ZUBU that has changed many lives in Australia already. All others are copies!

Q9 – 2022 – Australia’s first ZERO GRAVITY or Tilt-in-Space electric wheelchair that will fit into a boot! All others are copies!

THE WHEELATOR – The second electric rollator wheelchair in our arsenal of promoting independence and freedom. All others are copies!

The VULCAN Portable Lightweight Lifter – Facilitates the user to lift their equipment into the boot, weighing only 10kg for portability. All others are copies!


Our Perth showroom offers people looking for a power wheelchair in Perth, and customers who bought from us travelled from far North & South just to see our power wheelchairs, and they loved their experience.

As our vision statement says, our approach is organic, and it proved great because when a couple of customers heard that AbbiCare was moving from online to having a physical showroom, they came along and helped with their move.

Our Location

Pearsall Business Centre

Unit 4, 8 Villanova Street
Wanneroo WA 6065

Easily accessible from Mitchell Freeway Ocean Reef Road or Wanneroo Road

Mitchell Freeway – Turn right on Ocean Reef Road, and we are around 2 minutes on the corner of Ocean Reef Road and Wanneroo Road. (Turn left, then left at the Shell)

View our videos below. We hope you will be impressed enough to book a demonstration to view a portable electric wheelchair or a lightweight mobility wheelchair with us.

MON-FRI 09.00 – 15.00 hrs

Sat. Sun. By appointment only



Hi, I’m Rod, the founder, and I’m here to explain why people buy from us online and offline. I apologise for the photo, but people say I should put one up. I should have gotten a photo with a lightweight mobility wheelchair in the background, but such is life.

Look, it goes without saying that it can be daunting buying online, but I want to assure you that we offer great advice with integrity and understanding.

One of the important reasons people buy from AbbiCare is because we offer bespoke, high-quality brands, and our two core sellers facilitate most, if not all, mobility needs in a lightweight mobility wheelchair.

We are Australian-owned, and our brands are Australian registered trademarks; with one chair being designed by us and unique to AbbiCare, we have a couple of mobility suppliers dotted up and down the East Coast.

Ok, so why consider AbbiCare as your next lightweight folding power wheelchair provider?

We’ve been around long enough and have happy customers all around Australia, from Northern Queensland to Tasmania and Western Australia. They all have the added peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

Our bespoke range is unique – and people want something more than just a wheelchair from larger organisations.

You require quality, reliability and basically, a good deal when considering a lightweight mobility wheelchair, and we facilitate this.

  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Heavy Duty
  • Stylish and Unique

Buying from AbbiCare online or offline offers you a more cost-effective way because we must reduce our costs to make it attractive.

We believe we have the best electric wheelchair prices Australia-wide, and a visit will show you what you’re getting for your dollar.

Look at our reviews and ask yourself why these people buy from us in Perth and Australia-wide, yet they are on the East Coast! 

Read our reviews HERE

We have also become a leading Manufacturer in Australia. Our lightweight folding power wheelchairs have unique features that benefit the user. For example:

Navigator® Unique Features

  • Up to 160kg carry weight.
  • Travels up to 40kms from a single charge. (Optional 60kms)
  • Adjustable joystick to fold when putting into the boot.
  • Joystick adjustable to suit driving wrist angle. A huge benefit to prevent wrist ache.
  • Unique passenger trailer for grandkids or carer.

EagleHD® Unique Features

  • Up to 160kg carry weight.
  • Perforated front PU tyre adds suspension on the front end.
  • Adjustable joystick to fold when putting into the boot. No other comparable lightweight folding power wheelchair offers this.
lightweight mobility wheelchair
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Have a look at our products. Emergency SOS GPS Trackers and our awesome state of the art high quality Folding Electric Wheelchairs.