Elderly and Disability lightweight mobility wheelchair services is our passion and we also believe everyone possesses a primary and secondary love and, with these two loves, they become cornerstones of creating a happy life. 

The first love is our love for our family and friends; even if we are alone we have or make friends that we can call family. And the second love is our inner love; what we as a person really feel inside us but, don’t really speak to others’ often or ever. 

We want to demonstrate to people that we care, we care about your experience buying from us. We care that right from your call that we receive to buying so you feel happy that you chose abbicare. That is our promise to you.

Who we are

We are an Australian NDIS approved and myagedcare package provider of power wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs, panic alert alarms and home alert alarms for the elderly. We have become one of Australias trusted lightweight mobility wheelchair speacialists with a history of offering value for money and listen tentatively to your needs first before anything else.

The business came into existence due to a personal experience in caring, from the founder Rod. His mother was a falls risk and diagnosed with dementia, she refused to be admitted into a care facility so Rod put his life on hold and took care for his mother to end of life. 

Over that full time period, he certified himself in the nationally accredited aged care III course, gained valuable experience within the aged care industry, in particular, Dementia, and over 2 years, Rod realised that there is nothing more rewarding then to help people.

Having been in leadership roles and in business for over thirty years, Rod decided while at home, he should develop a business based on the products that his mother required. From that abbicare was born. It only made sense to utilise spare time creating something that others will benefit from as well.

He also utilises his life skills and global experience to help others in need in his every day life and it’s as that simple.

He now mentors others in life skills to be more independant and be aware of their rights which, inturn, aids to increase better awareness, empowerment and confidence for people with a disability and elderly that are assisted with living independantly volutarily.

AbbiCare have kept their quality products and maintained the core structure of being a  lightweight mobility specialist and medical alert alarms in Australia for the elderly.

AbbiCare offer a unique range of carefully selected lightweight folding electric wheelchair with two years warranty as standard and peace of mind elderly panic alarms. 

AbbiCare Values

Compassion – We understand the needs of those we serve.
Integrity – Our commitment is to deliver morals that are honest & meaningful.
Respect – AbbiCare forge the rights and dignity of individuals so that they are in control and have no problem reminding others of the simplest of human rights.
Excellence – Quality & challenging for achieving the best possible outcomes.
Service – We are here to serve you and guarantee your experience with us is positive.


We use a residential house for showcasing our folding electric wheelchairs and lightweight mobility wheelchair in Perth. 

We do this because we realised that, traditionally, people use a showroom with a flat surface, while that is great and offers customers a feel the electric wheelchair, it sometimes does not offer the real feel of folding power wheelchairs and how well the Eagle HD can be manoeuvred for the user.

Using a home was also advised by the small business development corporation, which has proven to be an invaluable asset in the development of AbbiCare.

You will have the opportunity to drive on different surfaces indoors, negotiate a tight entrance with your motorised wheelchair in Perth, then experience what it is like to drive on different surfaces outside.

Our Perth showroom offers people looking for a power wheelchair in Perth the ability to drive on hilly slopes, different heights when mounting grass surfaces and sandy areas.

Customers that bought from us in Perth, country hills and far north and south of WA loved this approach as they get a real-time-experience feel of what a lightweight folding power wheelchair can really do for them.

Occupational Therapists have also liked it as it allows for home feel assessment for NDIS and myagedcare clients. Call 1300 884 975 to book.

Book your demonstration for the Eagle Power and Dinkum Navigator lightweight mobility wheelchair Nationally:

WA   – 1300 884 975 – National Distributor
NT    –
1300 884 975
QLD – Brisbane
– 1300 884 975
NSW Sydney West
– 1300 582 022
NSW Newcastle – 1300 930 930
(03) 9357 7093
(03) 6334 8844
    1300 884 975

AbbiCare are the wholesaler for the Dinkum and Eagle lightweight power wheelchairs in Australia.

The Dinkum Navigator lightweight mobility wheelchair and passenger dinkum T-100 Trailer were designed right here in Perth, Australia by listening from people such as you.

Our success has been made possible thanks to you, the wonderful people of Australia, in particular the elderly all around Australia. You’ve helped make the Eagle HD and Dinkum Navigator lightweight mobility wheelchair a household name nationally.

We are humbled and proud to have served you. Thanks!

We offer reliable and asthetically pleasing wheelchairs for the elderly & disabled to aid in getting their independance back.

  • Electric wheelchairs

  • Motorised wheelchairs

  • Lightweight mobility wheelchair

  • Elderly SOS Alert and SOS Alarm Pendants for the elderly

Have a look at our products. Emergency SOS GPS Trackers or our awesome state of the art high quality Folding Electric Wheelchairs.