Seniors Security Rebate back in full Swing with the Re-elected McGowan Government

This could mean that the SOS Pendant for Seniors rebate might be back.

A rebate of up to $400 for the purchase of home security and safety equipment will be back on the table now the McGowan team have been re-elected.

The SOS Pendant for Seniors rebate used to be available but it was canned in 2015 and, this new initiative hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

It can, however, be used for improving deadlocks, adding security on windows, sensor lights and safety equipment in case of a fire.

Mr McGowan said “The Seniors Safety and Security rebate was incredibly popular, prior to being axed by the Liberal National Government. It helped to keep them safe and gave them peace of mind in their homes”

“we will also establish Elder Rights WA to support seniors and combat elder abuse, which is experienced by 4.6 per cent of people over the age of 65, each year.”

What this could mean is that elderly can possibly look forward to obtaining an SOS alert alarm to help keep them safe at home knowing that from a push of a button, they will get help fast.

As the author of this blog, I understand by firsthand of how well this government have implemented measures on abuse after deciding to take care of my mother full time.

It was a great experience to nurse ones’ mother to end of life at home, but it was also refreshing to see certain measures were in place such as how people perceive you to be, collaborations between all stake holders to ensure the client or elderly person is safe from financial or physical abuse.

However, this new initiative to address elder abuse is essential and I sincerely hope that it is successful ensuring older Western Australians feel taken care of, can feel safe and offer peace of mind know that they have an advocate.

Whether the re-introduced home security and safety equipment covers the acquisition of an SOS Emergency Pendant time will tell as the office have not been able to confirm it.

What is an SOS Safety Pendant?

SureSafeGO SOS medical alarm pendant is an emergency SOS personal security alarm pendant for seniors that calls a loved one when the wearer is in trouble, fallen or possibly on unconscious.

It is a pendent that works using a mobile phone simcard on the 3G/4G network. It has fall detection built in so if the user takes a tumble, the magic happens and calls someone.

How Does an SOS Pendant for Seniors Work?

When the SOS button has been deployed, the SureSafeGO Anywhere pendant first send out the location within the Google Maps app and then follows with a call a few seconds later.

The benefit of having an SOS Pendant for Seniors

It is an all-in-one cost effective emergency response solution.

  • Cost effective.
  • Shower and Shock proof.
  • Great for living alone, dementia and wanderers.

The SureSafeGO Anywhere SOS Pendant for Seniors is a simple device with the best possible technology to keep your loved one safe, offers everyone peace of mind knowing that their loved one can be found within a few minutes.

Studies have shown that  falls and fall-related injuries at home especially that is a common way for an elderly majorly begin deterioration of health.

Having a fall detection that is reliable is important for prevention for elderly living alone in residential or hospital units is very beneficial.

Click on the image above should you want to have a look at how the SOS Pendant for seniors can offer your family peace of mind.

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