$ 35.00

BEACON Safety Pendant Hire Perth

  • Minimum 2 weeks @ $35/week
  • Ideal for short trips
  • Ideal for active kids on holiday
  • Peace of mind

Call customer service on 1300 884 975 for a friendly chat.


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Why Consider a BEACON Safety Pendant hire in Perth from AbbiCare?

Having a panic pendant for hire in Perth is about keeping your loved ones safe.

A personal alarm for the elderly offers the user to get help fast and offers peace of mind for the whole family.

The panic alarm has a large SOS button fall detector and gps tracking that when deployed, the pendant sends an sms with a Help alert and google maps location link to the designated contacts. 

It will then follow with a phone call where the person in distress can speak hands-free offering them peace of mind knowing help is on the way.

We also recommend that a locked box is installed somewhere near the front door so the home can be accessed quickly.


Our Customers also hire foldable electric wheelchair or a 2in1 electric rollator wheelchair for their holidays.

Side note:
1. Wheelchairs cannot be taken outside of Western Australia.
2. Wheelchair rental cannot be taken on an airplane without express permission of abbicare.

The safety care pendant is the best personal alarm for the elderly to keep safe at home.

The Personal Emergency Response System as a Technology Innovation in Primary Health Care Services: An Integrative Review by Gunther Eysenbach.

The study is a few years old but the main principle of emergency response is still the same, as technology has progressed over the years.