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Safety Pendant Rental

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    Why Consider a ProTec Safety Pendant rental from AbbiCare?

    Having a ProTec safety pendant rental and personal panic alarm in Perth is about keeping your loved one feeling safe knowing that they can get help fast. It offers peace of mind for the whole family.

    The panic alarm has a large SOS button that when deployed, it sends an sms with an alert and google maps location link to the designated contacts. 

    It will then follow with a phone call where the person in distress can speak hands-free offering them peace of mind..

    What to do when the safety pendant rental device is ativated

    When an elderly is in distress, personal alarms and panic alarms can be a life saver. When this occurs it is recommended to keep calm, ask your loved one where it hurts and mention they will be ok.

    It is likely that something may be broken. At this point, assure them that you will be calling the emergency services to respond and they will be there in a few minutes. 

    Make sure you before you hang-up that you say that you will call the safety alert pendant so 

    We also recommend that a locked box is installed somewhere near the front door so the home can be accessed quickly.


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