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Tilt In Space Electric Wheelchair

  • Memory foamLatex Cushion.
  • Self Managed Back Tilt
  • Self Managed – ZERO GRAVITY
  • Improved All-Round Suspension UNIQUE!

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Q7 Tilt In Space Electric Wheelchair with all-Round Suspension

The Q7 tilt in space wheelchair is a revolutionary powered wheelchair which helps to facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure beneath the pelvis, and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright.

It enables anyone to be taken by family members dining due to the low floor to armrest measurement so access to under tables is easy.

5 Advantages & Benefits of the Q7 Electric Wheelchair

1. Portable and Compact 
The Q7 is portable, whichmeans, you can go anywhere because it takes up only a small piece of realestate, and with the Q7 being international airline compliant you can go anywhere.

Just fold the backrest down and push your Q7 into the rear of your SUV, FWD or hatchback and go anywhere.

2. Improved Cushion
The contoured cushion assures comfort with a length of 48cm. With the latest in technology latex providd as standard, sitting in the Q7 tilt in space wheelchair will be comforatble for hours..

3. Self Managed RECLINER
The backrest is equipped with an hydraulic rod, and is electricallly controlled for to achieve precise adjustment to optimise your comfort.

5. Self Managed tilt in space wheelchair

The Q7 can tilt itself to minimise lower back, nerve sensitivity issues and keep your back free of gravity and it still can be driven.

The Q7 is equipped with 2 x 250W quiet brush motors and is geat on various terrains such as grass, hills, gravel and cobbled paves.

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2 Years Frame
18 months on Battery

Why do people choose abbicare to be their preferred mobility supplier for an electric wheelchair in Australia?

  1. We offer great quality products
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  3. Our purpose is to change your world by ofering you peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a reliable & hassle free product.
  4. If our chair is not working for you within the warranty period, we will exchange it FOC.

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We have a modest selection of wheelchair accessories on offer; all at discounts prices and Express post shipping.

We’ve found that the best wheelchair accessories to offer you greater independance and comfort, and have some made to meet the demand of the Australian.

From good quality detachable shopping bags, cushions to on-board charging gor your electrics.

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2in1 bumper Protector Mat & Boot Mat

Ideal for keeping your bumper protected when loading your R120 folding power wheelchair into the boot.

Wheelchair Arm Rest Bag

Ideal for all your nicknacks and has a zipper for your valuables. Hang it left or right side for your convenience.

Wheelchair Bottle Holder

Attached a wheelchair bottle holder for your drink bottle. Adjustable for different angles.

Electric Wheelchair Travel Cover

Great for storage or air travel. Made from heavy duty PVC with velcro straps.

Q & A

  1. What is a tilt wheelchair?
    A tilt wheelchair is a chair that the back rest can be tilted. There is also other types such as Tilt in space.
  2. How does a tilt-in-space wheelchair differ from a reclining back wheelchair?
    A tilt-in-space is a wheelchair whereby thye whole seat, legrest, back rest and footrest tile on its axis so the positioning of the person is the same. When the backrest just tilts, it is known as a reclining back wheelchair. All back tilt wheelchairs usually require someone else to tilt it, however, the Q7promotes user interaction to tilt.