Eagle HD 2021 Model Package Deal

$ 3,899.00

Eagle Wheelchair Heavy Duty Power

  • Improved Seat; Asymmetric  Cushion.
  • Rear nik-nak Pouch.
  • Foldable Joystick for chair storage.
  • Batteries removal at seat Height < no need to get on your knees anymore.
  • USB Charger on board

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    Eagle Wheelchair Heavy Duty (2nd Gen)  Lightweight Powered Wheelchair. Eagle HD®

    If you’re on a my aged care package or NDIS recipient looking to get your next upgrade then now is the time to start the ball rolling with your supports to get approvals.

    We’ve been supplying happy customers all over Australia from Northern Queensland, Brisbane to Newcastle in NSW to Sydney. From Canberra to all over the Victorian state into SA and Tasmania.

    We’ve even supplied happy customers south west of Perth, WA to Mandurah, Bunbury and as far down as Bussleton, Western Australia. Why?

    6 Advantages & Benefits over the competition;

    1. Improved Front Suspension; The PU front end tyre is perforated offering suspension movement and promoting a smoother ride leaving the competition behind. 

    2. Joystick Folding Mechanism; The joystick is protected when folded and saves user having to keep taking it off to avoid possible damage when putting your chair into the boot of a car. 

    No other Wheelchair on the market offer this.

    3. Off-board charging; The main charger is plugged directly into the battery. 

    No other competitor matches this as you either have to remove the battery to charge or use another lead which can be lost.

    4. Labeling: Helps users identify a ‘How to’ remove easily and saves confusion. Batteries are well labelled for removal. No Hassle!

    5. Asymmetrical cushion; As standard which aids in promoting better posture when driving or seated for long periods.

    6. Batteries: One of the most difficult things for the elderly or disabled to do is trying to get up when on their knees. 

    The batteries are neatly situated at seat height so the user does not have to get on their knees to remove. 

    The battery handle has been improved and is more ergonomically, the handle is a tad larger for better grip.

    Most competitors do not offer this benefit.

    7. 2.1A USB Port: : Portable USB charger for all your gadgets.

    8. Warranty: *2 Years

    Package deal;

    1. Eagle Wheelchair.
    2. RANA Telescopic Ramps; To help put powerchair into the back, saves back strains.
    3. abbicare 2in1 Bumper Protector Mat & Boot Mat; protects your bumper from scratches
    4. Bottle Holder.
    5. Rear Shopping Detachable Bag.
    6. Side Bag; for your bits and pieces.
    7. USB Charger

    Call us on 1300 884 975 and pay your deposit to book your eagle wheelchair. Or add to cart and pay now!

    Ideal for someone looking for an extremely lightweight portable electric wheelchair at an affordable price in Australia and New Zealand.

    The eagle wheelchair is versatile enough to get around the house easily as it spins on its own circle.

    The seat on the new Eagle wheelchair is improved with an asymmetrical cushion, which means, the cushion encourages the user to sit better and therefore helps to keep the spine straight. 

    This lightweight powered wheelchair is balanced to maximise centre of gravity  and easily goes up a 12° hill with ease even on wet grass and won’t roll back due to auto-shut down technology.

    The 12″ rear wheels has great traction on various terrains and grips on wet grass, wet grass hills, gravel and cobbled paves.

    Call 1300 884 975 for more information on the Eagle wheelchair HD®.



    Take a quick look at the EagleHD® perform from a customers point of view.


    24 months on Frame and electronics
    *18 months on Battery

    The Eagle Heavy Duty lightweight Powered wheelchair is one of the lightest and best portable folding power wheelchairs in Australia

    It is designed around the extremely successful EagleHD folding powered wheelchair and can also be easily navigated using an intelligent 360° brushless joystick controller

    The joystick can be fitted left or right on the armrest and has been improved for transporting; You can now fold the joystick neatly to protect it from possible damage.

    Improvements to the second generation Eagle wheelchair are;

    • Swivel type joystick mount prevents joystick damage when transporting.
    • Asymmetric cushioning to improve posture.
    • Perforated front tyre to improve driving performance and suspension against bumpy surfaces.


    This lightweight Eagle electric wheelchair is driven by two 250w brushless motors and can tackle rough pavements, wet grass, uneven surfaces and even weathered building sand.

    The flip up armrests enables you to side mount or dismount which is great for transferring to your couch. The footrest flips up flush to the seat cushion which also allows front mounting or dismounting.

    Easy to navigate around your home, in boutique retail shops so it is also ideal for shopping as isles are getting smaller nowadays..

    The folding eagle electric wheelchair is a heavy duty electric wheelchair similar to the EagleHD power chair can be folded in less than 2 seconds and opens in 1 second, enabling it to be quickly transported with ease.


    It is fitted with two Li-ion batteries that will take you up to 25kms and is also certified for air flight use making the EagleHD® wheelchair an affordable and perfect wheelchair for airplane travel.

    The batteries are situated in the same way of the earlier eagle electric wheelchair, at the front and seat height so they are also easily removed and removes the need to get on your knees.

    Batteries are good 1000 cycles charging ability, which means, if charged three times a week, you should get around four/five years from your battery make it economical to run.

    Note; Li-ion batteries should never be drained to empty, always top-up before the red bars.

    Improved Suspension

    The front castor tyre has been modified with perforated tyres to add as an independant suspension against front jerks and when mounting curbs, maximise driving comfort.

    Did you know?

    Many benefits have been attributed to foldable lightweight powered wheelchairs. They aid in increased social participation, improved mood, quality of life and can have a placebo affect, which menas, decreased pain and discomfort.

    Users say that a the power wheelchair facilitates a variety of activities including shopping, medical appointments, visiting family and friends, and attending community events and going places they never would have with another power chair like this.

    You can read more about this study here.