Young Carers Australia

Young Carers Australia Bursary Scholarship Program

Carers Australia & Young Carers

Carers Australia will award $3000 each to 333 young carers aged 12 to 25 to help with the financial cost of secondary and beyond studies.

Young carers often provide both emotional & physical support to mother, fathers and grandparents and basically, if they are in a caring role.

Other areas are mental health, pesonal care, assisting with medications.

Why is this program available?

This program help to relieve young Aussies from the everyday pressures of being Carers. 

The long-term affect of caring can sometimes have its toll and by proving these funds it helps to ensure can have the same opportunity to be able to gain employment & enjoy some security.




  – Must be 12-25 while receiving the funding
  – Identity as a young Carer
  – Be studying secndary levelor beyound
  – Australia Citizen
  – Not in receipt of any other scholarship or bursary at the point of receiving this funding.

There may be other restrictions and calling the 1800 number below is the best way to find out. It’s more informative to speak to a real person.


This twelve month scholarship can be used for secondary, tertiary, undergraduate and other studies recognised by a training institution.

Applications open 25th July 2018 and will close 3.00pm WST on the 5th September 2018.


Applications, terms and conditions and more information can be found by heading here.


If you need help completing the forms or have any questions, contact the Young Carers Australia Bursary team directly on 1800 756 238.


And their website can be found here.

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