Disability Pain Management


Disability pain management can be in several ways & one of the easiest ways to manage pain is the holistic approach.

No guesses here but it is through laughter.

It is a simple thing we can do but, are we spending too much time being serious?

Having a good laugh is considered to be a great workout because it exercises your shoulders, diaphragm, abdomen and respiratory system.

This is why having a good belly laugh makes you feel relaxed and happy afterwards. Laughter also decreases stress hormones in the body, while at the same time increasing health-inducing chemicals.

It stimulates the blood circulation and gives your muscles a gentle workout which takes your mind of problems. When we laugh, our bodies produce more melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that improves our sleep quality as well as the ability to go to sleep.

And by being around a happy lifestyle, our sleep patterns are improved and we can feel a lot better after a good nights’ sleep, can’t we? Being positive in life and working on improving our mind also also a great way to manage disability pain management with some laughter thrown in.

It can stave off depression and the feeling of hopelessness in people generally but creating a happy life around elderly people is especially important. It boosts the immune system by releasing more chemicals into the body that fight against disease and infection. It even helps ward off the common cold.

Proven Studies

Disability pain management by using an holistic approach; Dr.Miller from the Center for Preventative Cardiology, University of Maryland Medical Center says..

 “the bottom line of our research is that laughter makes us feel good & has a direct effect on our blood vessels”

We can improve disability pain management by using the holistic approach by laughter regularly. By just having a negative attitude shows that we are in more pain so by generally being happy, smiling and laughing we relieve pain.

According to a study in the USA for disability pain management, laughter can help to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. This is because laughing has a positive impact on the nervous system system, which is what monitors glucose levels.

It increases heart health because it expands the lining of the blood vessels which in turn, increases the flow of blood and reduces the risk of heart attack. When you laugh often, people can see it in you and promotes better interaction with others.

Did you know that 15 muscles in the face work together to increase the blood flow to the face?

The National Geographic 

Disability pain management by using the holistic approach was also carried out by the National Geographic.

They found that the positive effects of creating laughter in your life reduces pain as well so it has got to be a good thing.

How many times have you felt more energised with improved alertness, creativity and memory when you had a good old laugh?

HAHAHA’ring also increases the oxygen in the body, muscles and tissues because we increase our air intake to Laugh Out Loud.

As a child I was forced to walk the plank – Because we couldn’t afford a dog!”.. corny dad joke!

In summary, if you’re serious about reducing your pain then adopt the holistic approach in your daily pain management routine. 

Also take a look at how to reduce stress in your life.

Watch more comedies on your TV and films from other sources. Have a BBQ with good people around you and take control of your pain today.

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