Taxi User Subsidy Scheme

The Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) is a platform for people that require public transport to help improve their social and daily living at a reduced cost.

This scheme is a great tool that benefits everyone.

Depending on your situation, you’re basically going to be able to use Public Transport and Taxi services and save upto 75% on the fare. 

How great is that?

Not everyone will get the 75% but getting something for filing an application for the Taxi User Subsidy Scheme has got to be a winner for you.

In January 2018 a study on the current eligibility framework was carried out and it was identified that the applications process needed to be changed so it was an easier and smoother transition from beginning to end.

By improving the current application process with an online process it was identified that users of the scheme would have access to entitlements faster.

And finally, the possibility of replacing the current system for transactions with Taxi drivers, which is a cheque book like system, to an improved digital process. It may not be for everyone but I a sure that they will take this into consideration if or when the new system rolls out eventually.

The Department of Transport (DoT) in both, local and federal, are doing a great job by offering this scheme to anyone that needs it so don”t waste time calling Taxi services until your application is filed at the very least!

Full details on how the scheme operates and will work for you can be obtained by State government and council websites in your region.

Ref. Transport WA

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