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SureSafe Personal Alarm One Pendant & One Wristwatch

$ 219.00

SureSafe Personal Alarm One Pendant & One Wristwatch

$ 219.00

Get a SureSafe Personal Alarm, with one neck pendant and one wristband. Dials up to three telephone numbers. Simple to set-up with no ongoing fees… EVER!

NDIS PROVIDER:   T/A Coleman, Rodney  QLD | NSW | CAN | VIC | SA | TAS


Product Description

SureSafe Personal Alarm is a home alert system & a trusted Australian brand.

It is packed with a neck pendant and wristwatch that is ideal for someone that prefers to stay at home.

It’s ideal for wearing around the house, pottering in the garden or garage.

Personal alarms for the elderly, in Australia, reviews are raving about this product and more people are buying home alert systems with SOS emergency functionality due to its safety features, peace of mind & the quick response it offers to get medical help fast in an emergency.

It easily connects to your existing home phone and is operational in less than five minutes.

How does it work?

When an emergency arises, the wearer pushes the SOS button on the personal safety alarm and it instantly starts dialling the first of three pre-programmed contacts, via the landline, and Two way Talk is activated.

The neck pendant also has a quick release safety mechanism in case the pendant gets caught.

While the wristwatch pendant has a comfortable, allergen free, fully adjustable band.

Be safe with a SureSafe personal alarm complete with 1 necklace pendant alarm and 1 wristwatch alarm button.

What is included?

• SureSafe Personal Alarm Base Station
• Home alert SOS Pendant (water resistant)
• Home alert Wristwatch (water resistant)
• Telephone Cable & Power Plug
• User Manual
…. plus Peace of Mind.