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Personal Alarm Weekly Rental

$ 150.00

Personal Alarm Weekly Rental

$ 150.00


Deposit –  $150. Refundable.

Pay $150 Deposit to book your mini pico rental.

Perth Only.



Medical Personal Alarm Pendant in Australia

AbbiCare- the name that cares for you! We are here to assist you with personal medical emergencies. Our products are designed to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind and an assurance that you live safely with the best safety products.

Our products have a different range of medical items that work as a family 24-hour monitoring service for the wellness of your near and dear ones. We are a reputable company that supply quality personal alarm pendant in Perth, Australia.

These are a type of “always there medical help” available at a touch of a button. So, whenever your dear one needs medical emergency, they can find themselves with the help they need- instantaneously.

The Pendants- Lifeline Tool in Case of Emergencies
The medical help products that we deal with are twice checked for the quality and assurance. Most importantly, you will be getting them at an affordable rental price.

One of our products that are the apple of the eyes of many of our clients is the medical alarms for seniors. These are basically in the form of the pendant allowing the elderly member of the house to raise the alarm effectively and efficiently in case of emergencies. This personal alarm pendant is discreet and small in size making the person use it conveniently and quickly.

This panic button-studded elderly alarm pendant is lightweight making the users use it expediently. The device also has the ability to detect the fall and analyse the activity.

Personal Medical Alarm Pendant Rental
Rentals are ideal if you’re travelling somewhere with your loved one and want that little extra peace of mind and a must have for dementia while you’re away.

How it works;

The mini pico personal medical alarm pendant sends the nominated contacts a text message with a Google map location when the SOS button is pressed.

It then calls the first contact & two-way-speech is activated. Mini pico will keep dialing intil someone answers. It works just like a normal mobile phone, except better!

The mini pico personal Alarm offers protection for anyone that needs help such as the frail, elderly, living alone, dementia, wanderers.

mini pico is a friends’ & family 24/7 emergency response with two-way speech pendant.

Geo-fencing; Ideal for wanderers such as dementia & autism.

Fall detection; Ideal for falls risk such as elderly, epilepsy & vertigo.

These devices are powerful and are a call-to-action when an emergency occurs and delivers peace of mind to the wearer and concerned friends & family.

Works in all cities & regional areas in Australia where there is a 3g mobile signal.


mini pico personal medical alarms
$25.00/week we pay the credit.
Deposit – $150. Refundable.

To make your booking please click on the purchase button, fill in your contact details pay your deposit and we will call you to arrange delivery & set-up and payment plan.

If you’re happy with rental & want to consider buying the mini pico personal medical alarm pendant then contact us and ask for a reduced purchase price.