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mobility scooter hire

RENT TO OWN Mobility Scooter Hire or Travel Foldable Wheelchair Hire in Perth

Mobility Scooter Hire or Travel Foldable Wheelchair Hire in Perth


Mobility scooter hire in Perth or electric wheelchair hire in Perth is getting more and more popular nowadays especially for people not on my aged care or NDIS packages.

Ideal for the elderly ageing in place or national disability insurance scheme available for people with disabilities.

While those schemes are beneficial for a lot of people there are many that do not have the luxury of government support.

If you are considering buying a mobility scooter or lightweight power wheelchair in Perth you have probably found out how expensive the equipment is.

But don’t dispair, AbbiCare started on empathy and we will do out best to see how we can assist in getting you up and out with rent-to-own.

Rent to Own with abbicare

Rent to own means;

We take a deposit and you make regular payments and when the agreed contract is completed, your wheelchair is yours.

This operates on a minimum one year term and a maximum of 18 months with fortnightly payments.

We provide flexible options for your convenience.

Should you want to buy your electric mobility scooter or folding power wheelchair early you can do so by paying the balance.

What Happens when the Contract Period ends?

After the 12 months you have two options; upgrade the equipment for a newer model, or buy it. The choice is yours!

RENT TO OWN – Hire Brand New Products

Our low rental rates on all brand new products on contracts have a minimum term ranging from 12 to 18 months.

After the agreed rental term has expired, you are free to return the equipment or upgrade to a new one, easy as!

Call 1300 884 975 and speak to our customer care advisor for more details or to set you up on a contract.

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Q & A

Can you get a free mobility scooter?
Yes, Sometimes people give away their scooter so look in your local paper or social media marketplace.

Is there a mobility scooter for 2 people?
Yes, there are two person mobility scooters for sale and beneficial for any couple.

Can you use a mobility scooter if you are not disabled?
Disabled people usually use a scooter because they cannot walk long distances but it is also okay for anyone to use a mobility scooter as it saves fuel costs for local trips.

second hand wheelchairs

Used power wheelchairs for sale in perth Australia and rent to own deals.

Second hand mobility scooter hire are cost effective mobility scooter hire melbourne for you.

We also offer long term mobility scooter hire