Mini Pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker

$ 420.00

Mini Pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker

$ 420.00

mini pico Finder mobile alert pendant devices.



mini Pico Finder Mobile SOS GPS Tracker

mini Pico Finder is a go anywhere personal elderly gps tracker pendant that assists with ageing in place, people living alone and is also ideal for people with disabilities & one of the best personal safety alarms for children.

The device can be found anywhere there is a signal and delivers peace of mind for the wearer and the whole family.

The SOS button is large with Two-Way-Talk functionality and works just like a mobile phone.

How it works

When the SOS button is deployed it sends a real-time tracking link to your smartphone with a Google maps coordinate via text message.

The first nominated number is then called so your loved can communicate to get help fast.

Up to five mobile phone numbers can be pre-programmed.

Contact our independent living client care adviser on 1300 884 975 for more information.

 LARGE SOS BUTTON – Vibrates when pressed

TWO-WAY-SPEECH – Works like a phone and Hands Free

FALL DETECTION – Can be set to detect a fall

LISTEN IN OPTION – Can be set to listen in

GOOGLE MAPS LOCATION – Outside 3 mtrs/Inside upto 10mtrs

IPX5 – Rating Shower & Dustproof.

GEO-FENCE/SAFE-ZONE ALERTS – Limit Distance – Get Auto CAll

LONG LIFE BATTERY STANDBY – Two to four days depending on settings

CHARGING CRADLE – Easy to Charge Free-standing cradle

SMALL, LIGHT & SOFT – 61x42x16mm, 35 grams.

CONTACTS – Five. Minimum One & fifth can be set to 000

Warranty – 12 months warranty

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