Personal Panic Alarms for 2020

What are Personal Panic Alarms?

Personal panic alarms help people who live alone, or are prone to falling or wandering, to feel safer and more secure by providing contact to the outside world in the event of an emergency.

Personal alarms allow people to call for assistance if they have an accident or a fall at home. They can help older and less abled people to feel safer at home,

and to remain independent for longer. They can also offer peace of mind to family and friends.

Personal panic alarms are simple to use. They often feature one big button that can be pressed to get help quickly if the user has a problem.

They can be worn 24 hours a day. Despite the simple design, they can potentially be a life-saving device if someone has a fall or some other accident when they are alone.

If you are worried about yourself or a loved one becoming isolated call 1300 884 975 for advice.

Personal Panic Alarms with 24-hour Monitoring

These devices are linked via a standalone unit to a 24-hour monitoring service in your home.

They feature a simple push button pendant that can be worn around the neck, attached to the wrist like a watch strap or clipped to a belt or clothing.

Several systems also incorporate a falls detector. This means that if you were to fall over, the unit will automatically send an alert to the responders.

Disadvantage of this type of system is that they are expensive and have ongoing costs that the best of people finds stressful to pay monthly.

Fall Detectors

As we age, the chances of suffering a fall increases exponentially. A fall alarm gives you reassurance that if you do have a fall, help will be available as quickly as possible.

A fall alarm is remarkably like a personal alarm. The key difference being that it does not always have to be operated by the person wearing it.

Instead, it uses an in-built motion sensor to detect any unexpected fall or downward motion and raises an alert to a call centre or a loved one.

Most quality models allow you to talk directly to the call via a two-way speaker.

Most are lightweight and can be worn on the wrist, as a pendant around the neck or clipped on to clothing. Most can be worn in bed, while showering and out and about.

Many providers offer models that combine a fall alarm with the SOS panic alarm in a single device which is handy.

How to choose the right personal alarm

Personal panic alarms are available from many organisations in Australia. One only must search to notice it.

Think about what type of equipment and level of service you require, as there is no point paying for more than you need.

Here are some of the key things to consider;

Subscription fee: if you opt for an alarm that is linked to a monitoring service, you’ll usually need to pay an ongoing subscription fee, in addition to any setup charge.

This fee may be charged on a yearly or monthly basis and there may be an additional cost if you want extra services, such as a fall detector.

Range: check the distance range if you plan to wear it in the garden; also check your ability to hear the response centre.

Batteries: Ask how long the batteries will last for; how will you know if they are running low and is it ok to charge every night to be safe.


These devices are life SOS determining so what type of support do you get after you’ve aquired one? 

Is it lifetime or will you be left feeling lost should the need arise to change numbers. The best suppliers will offer Free lifetime support.

Mobile panic alarms are highly regarded in Australia as they do not have the hassle of monthly costs, they operate from a SIM card and the wearer can go anywhere knowing that they are in safe hands. They are waterproofed so wearing one in the shower is safe and it is monitored by loved ones thus, making them cost effective.

There are two core types of personal safety pendants, one with a digital screen and one without. The preference is yours but after some testing I found the digital screen to be handy as it shows the battery life and can see if the signal is good where I am. I also found the finish to be nice.

If you are looking for a personal guardian safety pendant, then we recommend considering the 2020 SafenSecure model. This model is small, light and looks so good that any elderly will be proud to wear without too much resistance, as we see from strong willed independent people.

It has a screen that has the look and feel of a mobile phone but the peace of mind knowing that a simple push of one SOS button, will get help fast. It is worth noting that the minimum required provider signal strength is three bars so having the digital screen helped me.

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To learn more or interested in buying 3G/4G SOS personal panic alarms, with life time support, call 1300 884 975

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