What’s So Good About AbbiCare Personal Emergency Alarms for Seniors?

Many seniors will agree to wear a personal personal emergency alarms pendant because they are discreet, light and relatively tiny, which means they are easy to disguise and hide when seniors are out of their homes.

The alarm pendant allows seniors independence by being able to age in place and can live independently on their own, with help being just an SOS button.

This allows their family members to:

  • Peace of Mind.
  • They can get emergency services within a few minutes.

More and more people want to stay at home which is called ageing in place in the modern term, the personal emergency alarms for seniors’ pendants are the way to go to maintain a healthy lifestyle that we all want when we get to the golden years.

Personal emergency alarms for seniors are much less expensive than paying for a nursing home or assisted care option. Generally, elderly personal emergency response system alarms come in two forms: alert pendants and alert bracelets. The advantage of elderly alarm devices is that seniors can still go out as they please without compromising their independence.

How the Pico mini-Finder Works

Once the SOS button is deployed the PICO alarm starts to work. If first sends an sms to the preprogramed contacts and then follows with a call to the first responder, if the first responder doesn’t answer, PICO will call the second then third, and will keep rotating until answered.

The PICO Technology Swiss designed chipset is an advantage for the personal fall detector and affordable.


Pico can also be connected to 24/7 monitoring with highly skilled operators whose job it is to determine the correct response for the call.

In many cases, the response is a phone call to a relative to stop by and remedy the problem.

The operators are highly trained and can detect when a serious emergency has occurred. They can deliver the appropriate responses in those cases as well.

How BEACON emergency alarms for Seniors Work

Pretty much the same as the PICO, however, this device is more slick, smooth to touch with the latest chipset deliverying 5-7 days on standby.

BEACON can also be connected to 24/7 monitoring with highly skilled operators whose job it is to determine the correct response for the call.

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Why Choose AbbiCare?

AbbiCare is a trusted supplier since 2017 in the emergency alert device industry. With a history that has helped over 2,000 Australians with a PICO mini-Finder or the BEACON Safety Pendant, so people turned AbbiCare when it is time to have a portable SOS alert system.

Investing in an emergency alert pendant, wifi security camera or other emergency alert systems for seniors, could be the lifesaving with affordable solutions for peace of mind and possibly saving a life.

The PICO mini-Finder and BEACON Safety Pendant emergency devices are extremely popular due to their reliability with modern look and feel, efficiency, and not forgetting AbbiCares’ overall experience in the senior emergency alert industry.

What is the best personal alarm for elderly in australia?

AbbiCare have two main personal emergency alarms for seniors systems available, the PICO mini-Finder and BEACON SOS Alarm and both have options for fall detection as well as geo-fencing for wanderers.

It is difficult to determine what is the best medical alert for seniors in australia because there ar many but we have written a few below to help you;

  1. Livelife personal alarms: A product that is the same as the PICO.
  2. The SureSafe Go series are also similar to the PICO, howeven, they also have a seniors alert watch.
  3. GuardianSP are the giants in WA that carry some unique styles and also have the only SOS pendant museum on the planet to view.

Of coursem we would prefer you to consider us before anyone else, and those interested in a personal emergency response system for themselves or a loved one, can visit the product page to learn in more detail of each product.

The NDIS and my aged care are good sources for a government funded personal alarm for the elderly.

Questions can be submitted via the online contact us form on PICO or BEACON product pages or you can also call us on 1300 884 975 and speak to a representative for accurate. As we have helped over 2,000 Australians, a BEACON or PICO emergency alert pendant is the right choice.