4 Reasons Why People are Buying Fall Detection Systems

4 Reasons Why People are Buying a Fall Detection System for elderly


Do you really need automatic fall detection system for elderly people? 

Consider the following.. .

Have you ever witnessed a loved one fall or know some who has fallen?

Do they live alone or always doing something like they are a 20year old?

Do they shuffle their feet when walking or do they have plenty of trip hazards around the home?

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The questions are endless and falls in Australia is the largest contributor to taking a visit to medical emergency hospital near you.

Statistics on Trips & Falls

The Australian Institute of Health and welfare says that a staggering 40% of those fallen, prematurely died.

The highest number of falls were caused by tripping, stumbling on the same level and tripping over a hazard because a parent wants to age in place, and quite rightly so.

While the source of this information is a few years old from the FIHW above, when we look at Health Direct Statistics they say;

  • Nearly 1 in 3 older Australians have experienced a fall in the past 12 months.
  • Falls usually happen because gradual changes to our bodies make walking difficult, or they can be caused by hazards in and around the home.
  • Falls can cause hip fractures and other injuries that require lengthy hospital care and long-term effects.
  • See your doctor for a check-up if you have ever fallen before, even if you weren’t injured as a result.

With such compounding information it stands to reason that all the elderly in Australia should consider a Fall detection system such as the Toplovo 406 Safety pendant with auto fall detection and SOS two-way-speech.

The Toplovo 406 is an emergency SOS elderly alert pendant with an integrated emergency SOS call button, cellphone function with two-way-talk and GPS tracker.

Fall Detection System for elderly

Toplovo fall detection system works outside and inside and is accurate to maximum ten meters.

The Top 4 Core Functions of the Toplovo Safety Pendant are;

  1. Emergency SOS button to call loved ones

  2. 2-way hands free communication

  3. GPS tracker positioning

  4. Integrated Fall detection system for elderly

Emergency SOS button

In an emergency the person in need of help deploys the SOS button to call up to 8 contact persons stored in the device.

A telephone network is established and the Toplovo 406 first sends out the SMS to the contacts or, a call center, with a map location, time, and battery power.

The battery power is important just in case it is low and the user falls unconscious, and map location to establish where they are.

Should the wearer hit SOS button by accident, it can be reversed as the safety pendant beeps for ten seconds before the connection is made to your chosen telco.

Simply press the SOS button and it will stop.

Two Way Hands-Free Communication

The Toplovo 406 Safety pendant for the elderly can receive and send calls.

The Hands-free function allows two-way-speech to calm the user while help is on the way. The speaker is loud and clear with high-quality microphone so two-way speech is a breeze with excellent voice quality.

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Being hands-free, when a lanyard is used the Toplovo 406 safety pendant falls right in front of the wearer. Being able to see it just in front of them adds peace of mind to deploy the SOS.

GPS Tracker Positioning

With the u-blox Swiss designed chip inside, the SOS safety pendant can be located to within 10 meters of the wearer. Ideal for wanderers and dementia patients as well.

Integrated Fall Detection System for Elderly safety

When the elderly takes a fall, the fall detection device hits the floor without interruption, the fall sensor triggers the safety pendant to begin calling the contacts.

With up to eight numbers stored in the fall detection device system memory, two-way-speech can be established and location via the messaging.

The Toplovo 406 Safety pendant is a family and friends emergency alarm device that offers peace of mind for the hole family,

Toplovo 406 safety pendant is a comprehensive fall detection system and emergency SOS package that can literally save lives.

It is a cost-effective alternative to expensive monitored systems and it keeps people safe while feeling loved knowing someone is always there to respond.


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