Disability travelers and world travelling is a completely different place now and when someone doesn’t have to think  much about what they’re doing, how they’re going to do it and what measures they must take in order to get the outcomes they expect.

In other words, most people just do what they like and when without having to think too deeply.

This blog is about mobility, disability travellers and what it takes for a person using a wheelchair or electric mobility scooters or lightweight folding electric wheelchair in Australia or overseas and a few points of what they have to do to achieve it.

Disability travelers must use assistive technology take things to a whole new level when it involves just going down the street, let alone, preparing to take a trip somewhere in Australia that they can drive to or catching a flight overseas.

I also want to make apologies because when I usually write a blog I try to remove exact wording when it involves a human being, however, I’ve been advised by countless people that using direct wording helps my message get across and noticed in terms of organic SEO.

Anyhoo, let’s move forward and begin my five things you didn’t know about disability travellers

guy with bald head staring

Stop Staring

Just because a person is in a wheelchair or has a disability doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. There is no need to stare or look sorry for them as they don’t require pity. A person with a disability thinks, feels, has a heart, they cry, can laugh and all the other experiences a human have.

When you look at it logically, a person using mobility wheelchairs in Australia, such as the folding lighweight Eagle power wheelchair, are somewhat stronger and possess a higher level of intelligence and understanding because they have overcome the barriers by coping with the amounts of looks that they receive daily.

A so-called normal person would highly likely get paranoid and irritated about being stared at with the pity look and people over exaggerating their movement just to show how helpful they can be only about after a few minutes of it.

If you see someone, they probably have a carer or support worker near them so try to hang back and observe before jumping in. But kudos to you if you are a person of understanding and merely want to help.

Many people want to do it alone and yes, sometimes can fall into some difficulty, so a helping hand is always welcome.

Going to the Loo

Ever had to worry about taking a tinkle when you’re in the need of one?

We all know that the world has gotten closer, flights have dropped to the levels of affordability and people are moving around as they would in their own city or state but, have you ever wondered what it takes for a person with a disability in a powered folding wheelchair?

statue of man thinking on loo

But for disability travelers toilet planning is paramount because one just cannot get up and go. Many literally starve and dehydrate just to lead a normal life when wanting to travel because they cannot just get up and go have a think in the water closet.

So the second point is paramount that people should respect highly.

im not lying i am advertising

False Advertising from Hotels

I went on a research and find expedition and booked five hotels that advertised accessible rooms and four of these so-called hotels had remotely nothing to do with accessibility. One of these was a five star hotel.

This blatant false advertising is completely insulting and to see that what is advertised is just that, advertising and greed is their driver as opposed to compassion.

Yep, you’ve probably guessed it by now, they’ve used the word disability to lure the unsuspecting dreaming of a wonderful holiday; for them to find out that their dream holiday is going to be nothing but a hassle but, here is the strength once more from people that use power wheelchairs, they’ve grown with this and still manage to make the best of their holiday, with pleasure, a smile and have a great time.

Disability Travelers make the Best Holiday Planners

Most just book, go and work things out while they are there, or what is also known as, wing it. Well, try telling that to someone that is driving a mobility scooter in Perth or the state-of-the-art airplane friendly EaglePower™ folding electric wheelchair. Some disability travelers can have demanding needs, also need to be able to get into bed easily, they must have help, be able to have impressive bladder & bowel control and then there is the bathroom.

holiday planner logo

It takes great planning and research for a person that drives and electric wheelchair as they must ensure that room will facilitate everything they need while in their room.

Then there is the outing planning side for the disability traveler, while we can just hop on a bus, train or taxi, disability travelers have to put a lot of thought into planning so they can go out with a foldable power wheelchair.

Essentially, every little detail is planned to the minute with a data file that is worth its weight in gold.


The 90s call it extreme and you’ll find many people that use a motorized lightweight wheelchair or a manual also possess the extreme sports adrenalin rush.

These disability traveler adrenalin is taken by being able to go somewhere on their own and taking a risk. We all have this occasional feeling but imagine what it is like to be restricted.

Just doing something like being able to get to the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge can be life changing.

Take a look at this nutter!

Through all of this, imagine what it is like to be an elderly person that also requires mobility.

They’re not so restricted with having to be permanently in a wheelchair but, still require mobility products such as the lightweight folding EaglePower™ wheelchair.

These lightweight folding electric wheelchairs are designed for disability travelers as it allows the driver to be more independant and these chairs are able to take them on cruises, planes, trains and easily folds in seconds and placed in the boot of most cars.

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