Disability Public Toilets


Disability public toilets or bathroom facilities seem to be the fashion for this year and it’s great to see Western Australia leading the way on this.

The state government & shires are working together to build more accessible disability public toilets with in-built showers for people.

This great idea has already begun and is going all over the state and right around Australia.

And it is available for anyone that needs help with their carers, which means, this is great news because you can go out more and longer.

It seems like something like this has taken forever but as they say, better late than never!

These facilities will be large enough to accommodate two carers and they have an adjustable change table, a hoist built into the ceiling, a toilet and a seated shower.

There are currently about seven facilities already in WA with plans to build another 17 around the state and are being constructed at the moment.

The Changing Places facility is at Sorrento Beach, West Coast Hwy, which is a popular place to visit for locals and, this facility will also be a great drawcard.

Hillarys Boat Harbour is already a well-known go-to spot for a great day out in that area.

This is what Mayor Jacob said when the changing places facility opened;

“The City of Joondalup is committed to enhancing its reputation as an inclusive City for all; a City that will continuously work to improve access to information, facilities and services for all residents
and visitors,”

“We hope this facility encourages people with disability to enjoy this spectacular and popular section of our coastline this summer.”


Changing Places facility is a brilliant idea and all you need to do get access is to have a companion card.

Basically, anyone with a companion card can access the Changing Places facility but, you also have to apply for the electronic key.

Either go to one of the City Customer Service Centres at 90 Boas Avenue, Joondalup or 15 Banks Avenue, Hillarys.

The ole CoJ (excuse the pun) council is wonderful with our elderly, and have been for many years, and now they seem to be spending on disability, which is great news.

The City can also be emailed if you prefer to register for a key in that way.

If you’re reading this blog and know of another one that has been completed then drop us a Line and share this blog on your Facebook and spread the love so everyone gets to hear about it.


The Changing places facility is to the left of Hillarys Boat Harbour and to the right of Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club.

To find where the facilities have already been built, go to the changing places website locator.

More locations can be found by visiting the ‘changing places’ website.


Hillarys Boat Harbour also has a Beach wheelchair available at the family swimming section.

Beach wheelchair are a great invention that allows a person to be able to get into the water safely and the beach is usually manned by a highly skilled Surf Life Saver.

sandcruiser beach wheelchair

The beach wheelchair is available for use free of charge so don’t be shy & get yourself down there one of these days.

To get access just call your local council and register the gire of the beach wheelchair and its location at Hillarys. Others are available at Mullaloo Beach as well at the time of this blog. 2019.

Beach wheelchairs are available and supplied free of charge by your local council dotted around the Australian coastline.


Source: Joondalup Council Website

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