Companion Card

Companion Card in WA

This companion card is for people with disabilities & some elderly to be able to participate in the community that require a crer to be with them.

It allows the cardholder to take a Carer with them free of charge.

Once you get registered all you have to do is show the venue your card. Which is also a photo ID as well.

Visiting cinemas is very popular and easily accessible with this card and, most venues right around the country & some States even have ‘cheap Tuesday’ rates.

There are over 4,200 businesses in Australia that accept the companion card so spending some time on your social days can be very beneficial for you.

Call your local cinemas to establish whether they participate in the Companion card.

Sporting Venues

Holders of the companion card can also access top-end sporting venues and save a lot on entry fees, there are plenty to choose from, exciting venues such as;

Tennis – AFL – Rugby Union – V8 Supercars – NRL

 Soccer – Formula 1 GP – Netball – Hockey – Swimming.

Companion Card Eligibility

To obtain a Companion Card it requires four simple eligibility requirements within the WA framework:

  1. You live in Western Australia.
  2. That you have a significant disability.companion-card-id-sample
  3. Need a Carer.
  4. A support Carer is ongoing and permanent.

Positive Outcome for you

To get the best out of your companion card it is always best to plan your journey to ensure that you have a great & wonderful experience each & every time and, with a little homework, you can make your life happier.

And by doing so, you can save lots of money for other dates!

  1. Simply contact the venue or event that you want to go to before going or buying ticket.
  2. Plan your journey – If you’re going by public transport. Call the various services if inform them that you may need help.
  3. I guess it goes without saying that arriving by car is probably got to be the most popular as there is nothing better than going with someone!..
  4. Enjoy your life!
Below is a video briefly outlining what the campion card is.

To apply for a card click on the link below

I want my card now

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