Life has a way of throwing obstacles in our lives and the risks that it involves change depending where we are within that space.

Wheelchair insurance is basically something to a person that values their mobility, and should consider managing the risks against damage.

Yet another cost

Wheelchair insurance is yet another insurance that should be considered and purchased once we have bought something that we value because it is an asset, just like we must protect our homes, content, and cars, it is equally important to have wheelchair insurance.

If there is possibility of risk and you stand to again a financial loss, and if the NDIS or my aged car plans do not have the necessary funds to renew, then having wheelchair insurance is wise.

Air Flight

Most reputable airlines usually take care of mobility scooters but the worry of planning a holiday, which isn’t easy for many as there is so much to consider, but even sometimes damage may occur to travel electric wheelchairs and according to Glide, if your wheelchair is damaged, the airline must take responsibility.

There are some steps we advise you to take to protect your wheels;

  • Attach written instructions for baggage handlers to read
  • Purchase a travel wheelchair cover to protect your chair
  • Take pictures an date them for proof that your chair was in good working order.
  • wheelchair accessible vehicle insurance

Tips to ask the insurer

  1. Does the wheelchair cover burnt motors
  2. If the Joystick stops working, will the insurance cover for the replacement.

Wheelchair Insurance

We researched reviews around the globe and found that Blue Badge to have an overall 4.9 Star rating in the feefo.com. website.

Blue Badge appears to be the experts in Australia for wheelchair insurance, follows and supports the general wheelchair insurance of code of practice.

Blue Badge Insurance pioneered a specialist wheelchair insurance in Australia back in 2014 and have been serving customers well ever since.

According to their website, they cover

  • Repair or replacement of damaged wheelchair
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles insurance
  • Loss or damage caused by theft, vandalism, fire, or flood
  • New or old replacement is less than two years old.
  • Third party property or personal injury cover
  • Overseas cover
  • Costs to get you home should you have been in an accident.
They also have insurance for wheelchair accessible vehicles as well. It is best to call Blue Badge to ensure you have all the details that best suits your needs but the above offers a guide as a start.
The blue badge insurance phone number is 1300304802 if you want to contact them.

Should you be not much of an adventurer while travelling AbbiCare have an electric rollator that may be right up your alley.

The ZUBU electric walker has some great safety features such as what we call a ‘hospital prevention sensor’ that helps to prevent if a fall is detected.

We invite you to hover over products and click on the Rollator link.

If you have worrying children, then maybe consider the SOS Safety pendant which can be globalised so they have peace of mind knowing you are okay.


Do electric wheelchairs need insurance?
The short answer is No but protecting your investment is advisable.

What are four reasons I should buy insurance in Australia?
1. To protect yourself against financial stress
2. To ensure you can keep moving when something happens
3. Incase you hit someone
4. To offer peace of mind

Will the NDIS fund my Insurance?
It’s important to remember that all funded items, allocated in response to your NDIS planning meeting, must relate to one of your goals. This is why it is better to have big broad goals, which your requested equipment will help equip you to achieve. 

Speak to your plan manager for advice.


electric rollator
The ZUBU BRAND Electric Rollator