Our popular assisted holiday pagkage is below..

MENTORSHIP – Reach Your Potential

Empowering people elderly and people with disabilities that want to challenge their current situation by being their own boss.

We will mentor anyone that is 18+ years and will mentor you every step of the process while making it challenging and certainly exciting.

“Life is a learning curve no matter what age we are “…


You will learn new skills and tricks of the trade!.. Gain increased confidence along the way and you may employ someone eventually.

You will learn valuable skills such as; Basic accounting, registering a business without over paying fees, profit & loss, sales & marketing, logo design creation and Branding. And just as important, what will easily sell & what won’t.

Work from home


Customer service skills, woocommerce WordPress website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Realize your dream of owning an online shopping cart and most importantly, operations management. The list is never ending and very exciting.

AbbiCare have a combined value of 30+ years of business knowledge to offer you.

So if you have the desire to create a micro business then call us on the number below.



special offer

Be one of the first to book an assisted holiday package with us and get 40% off normal costs. 

We have a terrific assisted holiday package that services your every need available for you in Bali and if you’ve never been to Bali then maybe it’s time you challenged yourself, leave the family at home and let’s keep you safe and excited. 

The assisted holiday package includes;

  • Flight to and from Bali, ex-Perth
  • 7 nights accomodation.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Assisted Care.
  • Two Tours,

Longer assisted holiday packages can be arranged so if you’re interested in more information then call us on 1300 884 975.

Coming soon, Philippines…

We are able to collaborate with your existing disability services provider to aid with your personal development and assisted holiday packages

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