Secrets to Ageing Gracefully


Ageing is a myth in some respects. The world is getting younger as modern medicines help us live longer and moreover, we feel and want to look good.

We have become well rounded, have learned wisdom from not only time, but also the places we have travelled and our mature outlook on life is an accomplishment that not everyone is able to achieve. With this also comes a passion to look better so, we sometimes secretly want to fine-tune ourselves whether some of want to admit it or not.

As we age, the more it seems time is catching up with us, and signs such as sun damaged skin, over-processed hair, or the effects of smoking begin to appear and annoy us. But it does not have to be this way if we want to feel happy and healthy while ageing in place.

Most of us already know what I am about to write but it is always a good idea to have a quick refresher to reset your mindset on something that you may have forgotten.

Accepting Change with Ageing

Accepting change in our lives is a significant key to being happy and when a person is happy inside it reflects how we are as a person. 

For example, we need to accept realize they will be more tired, we may have less energy and probably do things more slowly than before or, at the very least, we try to advise, and no one wants to listen.

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But it does not have to be this way. Seniors who think rigidly do not accept this and because of this, they experience the natural changes and their health status changes as to be more negative and the consequence is that they add more stress and strain to their life and prefer to talk of their ailments rather than how great their loves are.

Depression is also a friend to them but, some of the secrets to ageing is; “I know change is coming and I know I can manage it”

Positive attitude towards ageing tends to have a more positive and healthier mindset, experience fewer signs of depression, and continue to enjoy their golden years. Ultimately, attitude and being happy about it, is a primary secret to ageing gracefully.

Staying active plays, a major role in feeling younger and by feeling this way, we are happier and science proves that laughter is a natural pain killer that removes many an ailment.

Think Creatively to Stay Active

Staying active helps to jump-start the metabolism by being physically active for at least thirty minutes a day and getting creative with the thirty minutes.

Maybe get a friend as well and run up a sand dune or a hill in the natural forest to get the endorphins moving.

elderly foursome playing tennis

Grab a few friends and try hiking, rock climbing, swimming getting back on a bike, tennis, weightlifting, join a gym, take up Yoga or even couples dancing. Couples dancing is great for couples and singles and creates a healthy social life for you.

Adopting a positive approach to your secret to ageing staves off lonesomeness and a feeling of low self-esteem.

Always consult a doctor before beginning a new physical activity and moreover, listen to your body.

Do not overexert yourself and remember to have fun.

Eating well

The power of a good and well-balanced diet is also a foundation for a healthy life and certainly another secret to ageing gracefully.

Eating healthy is incredibly beneficial and great for anyone that can do for themselves. For the cuddly ones of us, we can help ourselves by having a goal to reduce just one kilo a month. Why not?.. one a month is twelve a year and what a year that will be, wouldn’t you agree?

My daughter said to me when I was hitting 118kg, “dad, there is no need to remove your favourite foods, just try to eat less and introduce lots of colour on the plate, and try to incorporate as many fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and lean meats as possible”.

Incorporate dark leafy greens, reds, oranges, and anything with colour and avoid processed as much as possible.

I lost thirty kilos in 18 months!..

To find out the amazing benefits of superfoods, take a trip to your local health store. I used the supergreens on the advice of my daughter when I felt bloated but this is not advice for you, it is what helped me lose weight naturally.

healthy vegetables
fresh fruits

Furry Friends

One reason to reduce the ageing feeling is to have a pet.

Dogs are the most loyal and unconditional best friend and great companions and probably a popular choice for many, however, you also must take care as the smaller ones canbe a hazzard if they are active and run around you while walking indoors.

Cats, rabbits, or any other animal are great to cuddle up to also but whatever floats your boat is best for you.

Engage Your Mind

This is probably the most important of all, your mind or brain, by keeping your mind challenged you will do your brain a great favour and increase neuroplasticity and help to reduce the signs of dementia.

elderly painting

Finding things that challenge your brain will help improve your happiness as well. Return to school or embrace something completely different to learn to keep your neurons active.


With the climate that we have in Australia, washing ones’ face at least twice during the day helps to keep fresh and feeling invigorated together with rehydrating your face. And drinking plenty of water during the day not only keeps us hydrated but also helps the skin.

Protect Against the Sun

Slip Slop Slap campaign by the cancer foundation some years ago certainly cemented a great phrase that is embedded into most peoples’ minds, so just because we are ageing with grace, does not mean we cannot starve the moles of their nutrient, so to speak.

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We also need to take care of our loved ones’ peace of mind as they get older and look at us with worried eyes. We have all been at their age and worried about our parents and now it is for us to realise that a secret to ageing gracefully is also the term, wisdom.

Our Children

If we have concerned family members something, we can all do is look at helping them by not just waiting for them to say something.

Why wait or be around awkward moments get all stubborn and create an unhealthy scene. It is our duty to ensure our loved ones are happy as this also is a secret to ageing gracefully.

With the active life we may be achieving for our happy life, we cannot forget that we are prone to breaking something or another if we take a tumble and, chances are that no-one is around or, our phones are sitting on our beds just far enough away not to reach.

It may pay to look at the mobile SOS alerts below, they are fairly cost effective and, by all intents and purposes, something that we might need one day as the end of a year arrives upon us.

We talked about ageing gracefully and the secrets to achieving a healthy and happy life that can be controlled by us and not have to wait for an emergency and add stress when it is easily avoided.

Mobile sos alerts are HERE if you want to have a look for future reference.

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