It is a mobility scooter or a rollator walker electric wheelchair that functions like a rollator wheelie walker, it’s Foldable, lightweight, affordable and can be used indoor & outdoor.

The ZUBU BRAND rollator walker electric wheelchair is ideal for the elderly, is revolutionary to improving lives of the elderly.

It will also allow you to save on my aged care plans when purchasing assistive technology.

“It’s a game changer for daily living and affordable that doesn’t break my aged care allowance.” Said a customer who recently bought the ZUBU rollator walker electric wheelchair duo.





Traditional rollators have an adjustable back rest, handles that can be adjusted to suit the users’ height and is easily folded as a manual rollator or wheelie walker.

The main difference of the ZUBU BRAND electric rollator is the ability to serve the user more efficiently with state-of-the-art safety features.

Why should you consider the ZUBU electric rollator over a manual wheelie walker?

WALKING UP-HILL Have you noticed that when pushing a wheelie walker or rollator, sometimes you spend more time navigating the rollator? Walking up a hill can also be cumbersome because you must physically push the walker up-hill. With the ZUBU electric rollator walker, all the user has to do is use the touch sensitive drive mode and the motors will all the work for you. Walking will be a breeze, no more struggling up a hill as the ZUBU electric rollator will do it for you. The ZUBU makes it so easy for the elerly by literally reduces and strain your your back. WALKING DOWN-HILL Australia has many different terrains and people live on hills and walking down the hill can be worrying for the elderly walker. With the ZUBU electric rollator walk is yet a breeze as the electric rollator does all the hard work for you by slowing you down. FALLS PREVENTION SENSOR The ZUBU electric wheelie walker is equipped with the latest technology in falls prevention. The ZUBU can sense the user falling forward and therefore deploy the brakes to assist the user to keep balanced. USE AS A ROLLATOR WALKER We’re all told that we need to get some exercise so using the wheelie walker rollator is simple as you would use any normal rollator or wheelie walker.


Simply swing the footrests round, turn on the joystick, get comfortable and off you go!


The ZUBU electric rollator works just like a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair. Drive it around to your car, fold and put it into your boot.

At being only 18.6kg it is still light enough to be used by an elderly person.

What comes with the ZUBU electric rollator?

Two great colours to choose from: Red or Black

Two joysticks as standard, rear joystick with touch sensor drive technology and the front being for wheelchair use.

And a state-of-the-art electric rollator or wheelie walker as it is sometimes known.


The rear touch sensor on the electric rollator works similar to the touch screens on your smart cellphone when an app is touched.

On a cellphone, the heat of your finger touch opens the app and allows you to do what you need to do.

The electric rollators and walkers are similar in design, by touching the sensor it deploys the power to the drive wheels which helps you walk.

There are three speeds when walking and feedback from customers say that they like to keep it on the slower setting.


The front joystick is non-obtrusive, simple, soft to touch and stylish with a 360° ability to manoeuvre between tight spaces.


The legrests are permanently on the ZUBU rollator folded neatly to be non-obtrusive.

Whenever you need to have a rest and use it as a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair just simple life the legrest and rotate to the front.

The legrests on the ZUBU rollator automatically lock into place and simply lift and swing back to lock it in for walking.



2 x electromagnetic regenerative braking and brushless, which means, no wear and tear.


Front & Rear 8” PU puncture proof.


  • ZUBU Easily transitions between a rollator walker and an electric wheelchair.
  • Touch Drive mode when using as rollator walker – Go Anywhere.
  • Automatically slows when walking down-hill.
  • User friendly & compact folding design for the boot.
  • Adjustable height handles fitted with hand brakes.
  • Adjustable padded backrest, easily switch modes from mobility walker to powered wheelchair.
  • Leg rests swing away compactly when not in use.
  • Fitted with 4x 8” solid wheels, great for indoors and outdoors.
  • Constructed with quality powder coated aluminium for added durability.



The differences between and electric wheel chair and the ZUBU ROBOT multifunctional rollator walker is the ability to save on expensive mobility equipment.

An example is the popular Australian designed NAVIGATOR electric wheelchair. It has the manoeverability to use in the house but, the ZUBU allows more flexibility.

You are able to use the electric rollator as just a walker with the added peace of mind knowing that you have the anti-fall protection.

While using the power wheelie walker in your home you can also make use of the power assisted touch drive sensor to propel the walker for you.

Particularly handy over thick carpets and rugs. To operate the drive mode is simple, all you have to do is literally touch the sensor and it drives automatically.

carer close up 1


AbbiCare continually strive to help the elderly by providing the best possible products and we do our best to make our products affordable.

The ZUBU electric rollator walker or mobility scooter & power wheel chair is the first in Australia and will open many doors for a lot of elderly people.

There are also many studies on rollators with the increasing need to use for the safety of the elderly ageing in place.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service on 1300 884 975 should you want to discuss the ZUBU electric rollator.

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