Ringing Noise & Blocked Ear – 2 Reasons & Quick Fixes

Two reasons for ringing noise and blocked ear; How to unblock them


Earwax Blockage that causes ringing noise and blocked ear. Earwax is a natural phenomenon which protects the ears in your daily life.

Earwax also protects your ear from water, bacteria, fungi, and other elements and at the same time, allows you to hear.

Consequently, ear wax helps the ears stay lubricated and clean. Your earwax is pushed towards the outer part of your ear where it is washed away by showering or falls out.

However, your ringing noise and blocked ear can be because some people create excess ear wax and experience too much wax in the ear, and excess earwax builds up which causes problems, and this is referred to as Excessive Earwax.

Furthermore, as earwax builds it may harden and then the wax is difficult to wash away and renders your ears more susceptible to blockages.

This may be the reason why you are experiencing a ring noise and blocked ear.

And as we all can agree, earwax blockage is not only annoying but can other health problems.

According to Harvard Health, when you get a ringing noise and blocked ear, it is because your ear canals get plugged up with earwax.

Other causes are earaches & infection and other symptoms of excessive earwax or ringing noise and blocked ear include pain, itchiness, or dizziness.

Swimmers’ Ear

Swimmer’s ear can also cause a ringing & blocked ear. Swimmers’ ear is the inflammation or infection of the canal between the eardrum and outer ear.

This is often triggered by exposure to water or over-cleaning the ear.

Apart from reduced hearing, a person with this condition may also experience pain, itchiness, pus in the ear canal, and buzzing or humming noises from inside the ear canal.

Otitis externa is often treated after first establishing whether the infection is fungal or bacterial. Following this, antibiotics or antifungal medication is prescribed, and the ear is cleaned out.

For treatment of impacted wax, it’s important to talk to a hearing or ear health specialist.

A specialist can remove the wax safely and recommend products and safe ear wax-removal methods.

There are also over the counter remedies would you want to go down this avenue ranges from baby oils to mineral oils.


If you are looking for an instant fresh feeling and great hearing instantly then maybe ear micro suction is the option for you to consider.

Ear micro suction is a technique using an operating microscope and a doctor. They clean out the wax and any infective debris or foreign bodies from the ear.

Micro suction is safer than traditional syringing.

Syringing is where a fine jet of water is used to blast out the wax. One should also note that in some conditions, such as ear infection & perforated eardrums, syringing is not possible so micro suction is the safer solution.

Micro suction can be carried out by a Perth based business called Central City Medical Centre (CCMC) and is performed solely by doctors.

The use of the microscope allows for a more accurate diagnosis of various ear conditions. During the procedure the patient lies on a couch, and a small

conical metal speculum is placed in the ear and the doctor uses a narrow suction probe to clean the ear.

There is a moderate sucking noise, but this is usually well tolerated easily by adults & children.

Side effects may be slight dizziness or hearing loss may occur which is temporary and lasts a few minutes & less times than syringing.

Syringing may be required because the wax may be too hard & deep to be removed by micro suction – in this situation syringing may be implemented.

According to CCMC, micro suction is available on the Medicare system and can be bulked billed, however, we recommend that you chat with your GP or call Central City Medical Centre to confirm.


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