Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair – Australian Made

$ 4,999.00

Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair

  • Australian Made
  • NDIS approved
  • Long Warranty
  • Soft sand, snow and ice

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    Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair; Beachwheels Australia

    The sandcruiser beach wheelchair is top for floating beach wheelchairs in Perth, Australia. Ideal for families to get out with their loved one and take a dip in the Indian Ocean.

    It is made right here in Australia and is constructed by only the best of materials to keep you a float whether you are a person with a disability or an elderly.

    They are designed and avaiable to promote a healthy lifestyle while at home and also brings a lot of fun to your friends as well.

    Feel safe while having a dip with its WHEELEEZE bubble tyres and is deal for all ages. 

    It is manufactured from marine stainless steel and polished to mirror finish. The Sandcruiser beach wheelchair is durable and backed up by a 3 year warranty on the frame.

    The ‘WHEELEEZ’ wheels have a 12 month warranty and are suitable for use in most terrains such as soft sand, rocky beach areas and snow.

    Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair Comfort

    The upholstery is manufactured from marine grade UV acrylic canvas and has a 12 month warranty. The Sandcruiser beach wheelchair brake bar secures it from moving and is easily dismantled and put together with marine grade stainless steel pins and easily fits into the boot of most vehicles.

    Call us on 1300 884 975 for more infomation.

    Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair

    The Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair in Perth allows families to take their loved ones anywhere they go, whether it is camping or overseas trips.

    The sandcruiser can be dismantled and reassembled in just a couple of minutes.

    The ‘WHEELEEZ’ wheels are suitable in most terrains when the tyres are set to the correct pressures.


    The upholstery is tough & manufactured from marine grade acrylic canvas and is ‘UV’ stable.

    The frame is manufactured from 316-grade marine stainless steel and is polished to a mirror finish. At the same time, it’s durable the frame carries a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

    The Sandcruiser beach wheelchair is certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration – ID# 191974.

    • Safe & Comfortable
    • Enhances the life of the user
    • Strong & easily assembled
    • Made in Australia
    • 316L Stainless Steel with 600#.
    • Surface finished electro polished to a mirror surface.
    • Tube 1.6mm wall thickness marine grade.
    • Seat height of 500mm allows easy transfer.
    • 6.0mm drop nose pins and “R” clips make dismantle and reassembly effortless.
    • Fully adjustable leg rest with padded hinge protectors
    • Adjustable clamp handles 
    • Stainless steel pivot arm rests allows both arm rests to be raised for easy patient transfer.
    • Front castors have a delrin bush with stainless steel bearings inserts to allow for a full 360 degree rotation 
    • Turn in tight locations.
    • The front forks are fitted with a quick release “R” pin to allow for dismantling for transport.
    • The anti tip / brake bar secures the chair and positive lock / release bar for added safety.
    • Sandcruiser® tipping backwards technology.
    • Upholstery is manufactured in “Docril” acrylic canvas which is rot, mould and salt water resistant, UV stable
    • Quick release buckles for easy removal for cleaning.
    • Seat belt.
    • TGA approved.

    Q: How is the Sandcruiser dismantled?
    A. The sandcruiser assembles with pins so easy puch-in or pull-out is all that is required.

    Q: Where can I see the Sandcruiser?
    A. Call 1300 884 975, you can come to us or we can meet you at a beach with a sandcruiser.

    Q: Is it heavy to fit into my car?
    A: Dismantling the sandcruiser allows the chair to easily be stored in the boot of most sedans.

    Q: Is it  really Australian Made?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you carry stock?
    A: We can demonstrate it at selected beaches for real-time feel.

    We also supply conversion kits for the engineering dads that want to convert a wheelchair.

    The Conversion kit will out live the chair but certainly worth the look, call 1300 884 975

    beach wheelchair conversion kit

    We all know this to be true and even scientists say that walking along the beach is good for your health. Click HERE to read more.