Zippy 14kg

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Best Ultra light Electric Wheelchair in Australia


  • Lift up Armrests
  • Sleak Carbon Fibre Look
  • 14kg without battery
  • Up to 120kg
  • Omnidirectional Intelligent Joystick
  • Maintenance Free

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Introducing the Best Ultra light Electric Wheelchair in Australia

The ZIPPY is the best ultra light electric wheelchair in Australia weighing in at only 14kg net without the battery. It enables the you to easily put the ZIPPY into the back of your vehicle with minimal fuss..

The ZIPPY is considered the best ultra light electric wheelchair due to features and benefits customer feedback.

Buyers of the Zippy power wheelchair have said it is easy to remover the battery and others have said they liked the extra manual brake on the wheels which offer them safety on grassy hills watching night cinema.


The ZIPPY best ultra light electric wheelchair has a quick release slick battery that is conveniently situated just below the seat to minimise bending, which is great for the frequent flyers on the east coast.

Ultra light Power Wheelchair Quality

The Zippy lightweight power wheelchair easily performs over most surfaces. It is built with quality components and the reason why abbicare can offer you a two year warranty for a limited time.

Ideal for elderly that needs to get out and being able to put this ultra lightweight power wheelchair into the back of the boot.

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Standard abbicare warranty – 2 years on Frame 18 months on Battery


Q. Why should we buy from you?
A. AbbiCare have been supplying great products nationally for over 7 years, online and off-line, and have built a reputation by offering unmatched after sales service to our customers.

We a good warranty because we have confidence in our products, and you found us organically so you fit our audience.

Q. Is the Zippy really 14 kg net weight?
A. Yes

Q. Do you have material safety data sheet for the Zippy?
A. Yes, just ask and we shall serve your inbox with one.

Q. “Be honest; What would you say is the plus and negative about the Zippy?”

Customer feedback features and benefits is positive.

14 kg is by far an advantage for the user and carer to be able to lift the chair into the boot. The perforated tyres add extra suspension to the two shock absorbers on the front wheel. Commercial carers may see it as an easy glide wheelchair so their backs are also looked after being an ultra light electric wheelchair.

You can hear the motors on the Zippy because the emphasis on reducing the weight while keeping it durable. Just call us and we can connect via WhatsApp so you can see it in real time! 

People also looked at the ZUBU BRAND 2in1 e-Walker that has a super quiet motor that you almost cannot hear at all, which abbicare had a small involvement in the development of this revolutionary product.