Are you fed up with the power chairs you have seen?

Or, are you looking for a robust and reliable power wheelchair that you can almost go anywhere to keep you independent?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above then keep reading. ..

When considering speed, there are several factors that are involved. This includes the weight capacity, battery life, whether the power chairs can carry your weight, as well as what type of tyres does it have.

Traditionally people have had tyres that can puncture but nowadays there are solid tyres available, so you don’t have to worry about punctures and all the inconvenience it comes with to get them repaired.

Solid tyres maintain optimal speed and offer some sort of suspension to help when driving on those bumpy pavements. They are also good over grass, cobbled stone and even excellent driving up hill on wet grass.

Battery life is paramount, but battery power output is what you need from your new power chair. Many power wheelchairs have lithium phosphate, but the gladiators of batteries are the power wheelchairs that offer Lithium-ion.


lithium ion battery

Lithium-ion offer high density output, which means, the battery will deliver more power to the motors, and by doing so, you get better traction, longer life from your battery and less wear and tear on your investment.

For users who envision spending more time outdoors and wish to invest in power chairs with good speeds, then our advice is to look at two of Australias’ most reliable and cost-effective, reliable and maintenance free wheelchairs on the market.

Why is it best to have two batteries in power chairs?

Well, look at it like this, by having two batteries you are reducing the wear on your motor by half, yes 50%. One battery will power one motor therefore also offering real-time two-wheel drive.

And by having a power chair with two batteries, this is how you get your improved traction over adverse surfaces.

So, we have now researched and have this information so far;

  1. We have affordable and reliable wheelchair.
  2. Wheelchairs with two years warranty.
  3. A power chair with two batteries to keep you moving.
  4. Solid tyres for less hassle.

So, what else is there I should have?

You want to buy something special because you are possibly fed of skimping or making do, right?

Now that you’ve increased your awareness the next best point to consider is, “what is there that is unique and will help me keep my independence more and for longer?”


Okay, let’s get to the nitty gritty of these two gladiator lightweight foldable power wheelchairs and the unique benefits that will help to make your life easier. 

We won’t give you the full detail because you can get this directly from the supplier but, we will make you aware of why you should seriously consider them.

First we have;


Is becoming a global brand with enquires already from Europe from the exclusive supplier right here in Australia.

It is a Lightweight power wheelchair that folds and unfolds in a couple of seconds and is an Aussie design built for our diverse terrains and what some people want > Longer distance in a lightweight folding power chair.

It is made from Airplane grade Aluminum Alloy and complies with most major airlines when you want to fly somewhere (well, one day!).

electric wheelchair Dinkum1


The 2x li-ion batteries with take an average person up to 40kms on a full charge and will easily drive over cobbled pave, wet grass, and uphill, hardened sand & snow, and even over gravel.

The chair is driven by 2x 250w brushless motors are maintenance free just like the intelligent Joystick.

The 12” rear wheel and solid puncture proof tyre allows for more tread on the surface with an adjustable brushless joystick positioning for comfort.


The Dinkum Navigator will go up a 10° hill easily and if you stop, the electromagnetic regenerative disc brakes will activate leaving you feeling safe.

The anti-tilt sensors will also stop the chair if it senses an unsafe situation, so you have peace of mind know that you are safe while driving on most terrains.

From a full speed of 6.9km/hr, the Dinkum Navigator will stop in just 1.1 mtrs without jerking.

Lightweight & Foldable

The Dinkum Navigator weighs only 28kg, easily folds into the boot of most sedans and takes a just couple of seconds to fold.

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Reliability
  • 2-year warranty on frame
  • Aussie Design
  • Unique benefit:
    1) Up to 40kms from a single charge.
    2) Joystick mechanism folds neatly into chair to prevent possible damage.

Then we have the second power wheelchair which is just as exciting and comes with its own uniqueness as well.


The EagleHD® is an extremely successful model that is sold all over Australia and USA and we have launched a 2021 model which is even better , more user benefits and exclusively in Australia only.

Its global brand is spreading because it also offers uniqueness than what is on offer nowadays.

The second generation EagleHD® is built strong, easy to fold and unfold and has all the high-quality component benefits of the Dinkum Navigator.

The improvements are;

  • Foldable joystick: neatly tucks into the chair to avoid possible damage when placing into boot.
  • Perforated front tyres for better suspension.
  • Asemmetrical cushion  for more comfort,
eagle 10

The 1st Gen had a joystick that protruded (left image) when folded and caused problems when putting into boot.

The 2nd Gen EagleHD BOXTA improvements are;

  • With a folding mechanism added to the joystick, it can now be folded neatly flush the chair to avoid damage.
  • Joystick can now be adjusted to maximize wrist comfort.

Front Suspension

The front tyres have been perforated to offer all the benefits of being puncture proof and the perforation is designed to offer better ‘spring’ while driving therefore offering a smoother drive.

boxta front castor close up

The 1st Gen EagleHD® did have front suspension.

The New EagleHD® BOXTA power chair has perforated front tyre for smoother driving over bumpy surfaces.

And you are still getting the benfits of PU toughness. Polyurathane is hard wearing and chemical resistent and lasts about 10x longer than rubber.

Now you have the wear and tear and softer bounce when driving over those bumpy surfaces.

So, let us summarize what we have found so far.

10 great beneficial reasons why you should consider buying either the Dinkum Navigator or EagleHD® BOXTA;

  1. Two high quality lightweight folding power wheelchairs that have a global branding for reliability.
  2. Two years warranty to give us peace of mind.
  3. The comfort we want out of our chair while driving.
  4. Modern stylish looking and feel.
  5. An affordable and reliable wheelchair.
  6. Something with two batteries to keep you moving.
  7. Solid tyres for less hassle.
  8. Dinkum can travel up to 40kms and the EagleHD® BOXTA 27kms.
  9. EagleHD® comes standard with asymmetrical cushion to improve posture while driving.
  10. Both have adjustable joystick to avoid possible joystick damage and allows to adjust joystick height to improve comfort while driving.

To make your experience even more pleasurable, call us and mention that you saw this comparison and we will give you a headrest accessory for free!


Click on the images below for more detail of both power chairs.

powered wheelchair
electric wheelchair Dinkum1
Dinkum Navigator



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