5 Reasons to buy this Power Wheelchair

Navigator Electric Wheelchair

You’ve been looking for some while and road tested possibly a few wheelchairs and still feel unsatisfied with the lightweight foldable wheelchair, right?

Customer support have tried their best showing you their flagship but because you know what you want you started searching on the internet, right?

Well, that is when people possibly typed what is the best wheelchair in Australia and you came to abbicare, saw our range and found the Navigator electric wheelchair.

We’ve been supplying lightweight folding electric wheelchairs in Australia or motorized powerchairs in Australia for some years and you finally came to the right page that has the evidence to support its claims.

You know this because your research was based on what you desired for your comfort and and affordability.

Whether you are a cash buyer, on a My Aged Care package or are a NDIS recipient we believe we have the right power wheelchair for you in the Navigator electric wheelchair and, at an affordable price.

So, let’s take look at why people from around Australia buy our electric wheelchair and in many cases, unseen.

Navigator Electric wheelchair

If you are looking for something that is just about aussie then the Navigator electric wheelchair in Australia is just about as good as it gets.

This sleek and modern was designed based on what they would like to see in a power chair for the elderly and disabled.

  1. Able to go long distances: able to go out and not worry about the battery.
  2. Heavy Duty to handle rugged terrain: An electric wheelchair Ideal for regional Australia and suburban.
  3. Foldable and lightweight to put into the boot of your car.
  4. Front and backend suspension: Eases the pressure on lower back pain.

We also asked, mainly the elderly, “would you like to have a passenger trailer to take your loved one or grandchildren for a ride?”.. . and the answer was yes.

So, while designing this power wheelchair for travel, we incorporated a state-of-the-art passenger trailer that is very comfortable and is also ideal for carer driving from the rear.

And it must be said that no other wheelchair in Australia can do this. It is an Australian first and possibly a world first.

The Dinkum Navigator electric wheelchair literally feels like it swivels as it drives over uneven surfaces, grass, and non-tarmac surfaces because of the four independent suspension springs.


The Navigator has two 250w brushless motors that is driven by two powerful 10A lithium-ion batteries so you’re also going to get the reliability that you want.

Unlike many of its competitors that only use one battery to drive two motors, and some are not brushless, you have two batteries driving two motors which means, less drain and more torque.

It also performs great over wet grass, uphill and sandy surfaces as the video below demonstrates. We put a post up on a social media platform asking someone to test drive the Navigator and Jackson 

The joystick is also brushless offering you 360° responsive rotation as well.

Most foldable wheelchairs on the market do not have the ability to fold the joystick when loading the chair into the boot of a car, and this causes possible damage issues to the joystick and something people must constantly have to be aware of.

The Navigator folding electric wheelchair joystick again, stands out from its competitors, the joystick can fold neatly so it is tucked in with the main frame thus offering peace of mind knowing that it will not get damaged.


The seat angle has been adjusted to maximize your comfort as the backrest is reclined by a couple of degrees, so it feels just like driving a car.

High quality breathable Oxford fabric is used to cover the backrest and cushion and are both machine washable.

So, to summarize this luxurious feeling drive;

  • Up to 40kms distance from a full charge.
  • Large 12” rear drive wheel with PU tyres and 8” front.
  • Independent suspension all round for a smoother drive and helps to reduce lower back pain.
  • Adjustable joystick to prevent possible damage when loading and less to think about.
  • Evidence based video demonstrating how versatile and powerful the Navigator lightweight wheelchair really is.

If you are looking for an affordable lightweight foldable power wheelchair and would like to test drive the Aussie designed dinkum Navigator electric wheelchair please call abbicare on 1300 884 975.

electric wheelchair Dinkum1

For your information, since launching the dinkum Navigator people have asked why would anyone want a wheelchair that will travel up to 40kms. This is a pertinent question and the answer is as follows;

A wheelchair that has the capacity to travel 15-20kms only has a real-time range of around 10km. This is due the the fact that weight, road conditions, hills, grass and sandy surfaces come into the equation.

While it can be argued that it doesn’t matter because a person of 60kgs won’t use up much battery juice, you also have to consider battery life. It goes without saying that the more a lithium battery is charged, the quicker it will wear out.

However, in the case of which is a good wheelchair to have, would you rather not have a wheelchair that can easily travel 25kms hassle free or a wheelchair that travels possibly 10kms?

To put it into simple math, a good lithium battery should last about 1000 cycles before it needs replacing. Now equate the one battery at ±10kms against the Navigator at 25kms±.

It is a no brainer in our factual opinion that the dinkum Navigator offers peace of mind knowing that it will last you for years.

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