5 Easy Steps to Managing Stress


Managing Stress

To put it simply, stress is when a person is feeling the strain and pressure of something that has a negative effect on them.

And it is paramount that managing stress at the beginning will help to prevent it manifesting and getting worse.

We all experience stress at some point in our lives but taking care of an ailing parent or our workplace is toxic is especially difficult and can drain energy.

Other factors add to the mixture such as lack of finances, your social life dwindles as your mood decreases to socialise or you may feel worthless.

We should mention that while it is ok to talk to family members and friends one should consider seeking professional help such as your doctor.

We also published a blog in 2018 that was specific to carers but here today in August 2021, we are looking at the broader field.

What Can I do?

Managing Stress can be something that at first, you can try yourself, as we all try to do in life so there is nothing wrong with it, if you feel up to it.

As I mentioned earlier, most of us have experienced it yet sometimes there are many that just live with it and forget that stress is not a daily mental order that we need to live with.

You’ve already recognised the warning signs;

  • Feeling lazy
  • Not making your bed
  • Personal Hygiene gets less
  • Not socialising

Let us look at Improve your eating habits will help your stress management

making bed

Feeling Lazy

Well, the first two bullet points above are a tell-tale sign for sure. Waking up, making your bed gives you a reason to achieve something small in your life.

Take pride in your bed making and take your time, If it means you have to get up 20 minutes early then do so as there is nothing better than coming to a bed that is made, right?

We’ve just implemented something simple for our stress management, achieved our goal and have a sense of pride looking at a bed that is made.

Personal Hygiene

Yup, this is also a tell-tale sign, getting up and starting the day without a shower promotes out bodies to feel stale, smelly, and somehow, we think no one will notice.

Guess what, they do, and you also feel low and unhealthy almost like you want to feed your mood more.

Each morning have a bath or shower, just a quick blast will do the trick or change it up to cold as… Yup, you will be surprised how invigorating having a coldy is.

Here is a random tip to help keep your mouth healthy. Go get yourself some mouthwash. Not any mouthwash, you want to buy Listerine Original, the yellow looking one.

I once was trekking through the Philippines and started a tooth ache, so I went off to the local dentist and I was surprised what value it was to me. 

After mouth washing three times a day the yellow original and flossing, the ache went away!



Get back to cooking. Cooking not only helps with managing stress but also keeps you healthy as too much uber calls is not doing your gut any good, and maybe your weight.

Keeping your daily diet healthy with good fresh vegetables and giving some love into out preparation everyday will certainly help without daily point of managing stress.

We can still eat what we want to but all we must do is throw some fresh green leaves into our bodies to helps with PH balance.

Get some exciting recipes on the internet to create something new. You’re not only managing your stress but also giving yourself personal time to achieve small goals.

Stay Connected

Try to keep in touch with people on a regular basis because interaction & conversation is just as important as eating a good diet and both can be achieved.

To help with stress management here, sift out the toxic so-called friends and just contact the ones that you know are good for you.


This is easily decided, the ones that listen to you are the ones to be with. They listen to you because they respect you. Quality priority over quantity is far healthier.

Arrange a light BBQ and challenge your brain by creating interesting side dishes for them.

You’ll be surprised how the conversation focusses on how you managed to create new and delicious side dishes.

“Creating new challenges lifts our endorphins which is what makes us happier.”



Plan a walk & make it an easy task at first and build the distance up as you get used to it. The ideal pace is to increase your heart rate so that your body and mind feel challenged.

Yes, I know, getting disciplined is difficult but without achieving small goals the bigger picture gets more difficult so help yourself to a brighter future today.

Life is tough enough paying bills, I cannot afford to get help, where can I go that is free?

If you feel like things are getting on top of you then keep reading as there are certain initiatives that we have available to us via Medicare.

First, seek help from your doctor to establish if you qualify for the Medicare rebate mental health program. In severe cases as well, some psychologists will bilk bill for you with zero to lay out.

Your GP can also refer you to these psychological services through their Networks for mental health support. Ask your GP if they can access these services.

Australias; renowned Health direct also have some strategies can can be implemented if you need help in more detail.


About the Author

Rod is the founder of abbicare, is a trained aged care worker and disability support worker. He has extensive experience in life challenges and prides himself on his compassion to his fellow humans.

Any advice he offers is generally from life experience.

abbicare are primarily product providers on foldaing mobility scooters, lightweight foldable power wheelchair and SOS safety pendants for the elderly and vunerable.

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