Fitness & Injury Prevention

Fitness and Injury Prevention for Seniors

What is Fitness & Injury Prevention plan and how will it help you?

Fitness & injury prevention planning for seniors reduces age related conditions such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and bone density loss.

And our exercise routines should change to avoid injuries that can sideline us and impact our overall health.

Our bodies become more injury prone as we get older and getting into the habit of achievable exercises is a great way to start.

The changes in us are dietary, physical and happiness. Ofcourse, there are many others but, these are everyday ones we can control.

With a little positive mindset adjustment, you can keep active, healthier longer and reduce the worry from people around you.

While it is great to feel like you want to exercise, actually doing something about is the problem, isn’t it?

As the ‘ole’ saying goes; “doing something is better than nothing at all.”

So let’s get straight into creating our fitness & injury prevention plan that may will also lead to a happier life.

We’re going to focus on the physical aspect because it’s something that many of us are avoiding at the moment.

And today we’re going to talk about something that is simply achievable- Walking.

Good Practices

Route Planning

Route planning allows you to be organised so you can concentrate on traffic with your fitness & injury prevention plan.

Your ideal route should have level surfaces, some down & up hill challenges & offers adequate shade on hot days.

If you don’t have hill & slopes than flat surfaces are just as good so don’t worry about it!

Remember to walk to what you’re comfortable with.


Dehydration increases risk of heat injury, which is a medical emergency, so buy a good water bottle to carry.


Wear appropriate footwear & clothes for comfort. Footwear is important to ensure better balance and comfort.

Seeking good footwear is an advantage but if your mind says they are comfortable, it must be!

Your health matters

Check-in with your doctor & present your Fitness & Injury Prevention plan to get advice if you have something pre-existing.

Moreover, do not wear earphones at any time while walking as this may side-track your concentration.


Give yourself a pat on the back and Go for it! and remember to enjoy your walk every day.

Progression Stage

OK, so now you have your fitness & injury prevention plan implemented and now what?

We’ve planned your pacing so it is comfortable for you & improve on speed gradually as you get fitter.

To do this, create a plan of action list and detail when you want to step up your pace faster.

Once you’ve got a planned routine, advice and equipment, remember that slow and steady wins the injury free day!

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