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Carers Australia represent carers to our government for and on behalf of around 2.7 million carers in Australia.

There are also over 272,000 carers under the age of 25 that juggle with school or work & care for someone at the same time.

Depending on a Carers’ position & role, it can lead to feeling isolated so there are various workshops that are held during the course of the year which you can be involved in to be able to interact with people in a similar position.

These young Australians need support, not only because of the great job that they do but, also to ensure that they maintain good health.

Carers Australia provide carers support in the health & well-being of Carers that support people with disabilities a minimum of 12 hours a week & represent Carers rights & work tirelessly to improve legislation.

They offer support & advice on a broad range of topics that concern a Carer and hold several workshops during the year to better understand a carers role & legal advice.

Carers Australia is in each state & offer counselling. Where you can chat with someone and they also have an advisory line.

Other worthwhile services that they offer are workshop & awareness activities, social support and carer wellness at home which is paramount so you can keep continuing the wonderful job that you do.

Where To Go

For more information please go to the Carers Australia website to find your local branch.

If you’re feeling the strain while in a caring role than you may find our Stress & Respite blogs interesting.

Sharing is caring & if you know someone that is a caring role, no matter how small, then please forward this information to them.


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