Best Wheelchair in Australia review for the NAVIGATOR electric power chair

It’s always an accolade when we receive a best wheelchair review in Australia from a customer.

As you know, it isn’t easy to get great stories from a customer but we’re happy to boast that we finally got a very long review to be proud of.

NOTE: We asked people 65 – 85 years old of their opinions or suggestions. as to what they think would make the Best Wheelchair in Australia review.

            Best wheelchair in Australia review  NAVIGATOR

Before we go further, let’s take a closer look at the wheelchairs for sale, specifically the NAVIGATOR foldable power chair.

The NAVIGATOR is designed in Australia by AbbiCare and it was designed on what people wanted to see in their lightweight foldable electric wheelchair.

  • Reliable
  • Heavy duty quality
  • Better shock absorption when driving
  • Value for money.
And this is how the NAVIGATOR came into existence. Since its launch the demand for the Navigator has increased right around Australia.
best wheelchair review in australia

Portable Folding Powered Wheelchair is what we consider as the Best Wheelchair in Australia review

The dinkum Navigator® is a lightweight wheelchair designed in Australia based on what elderly people would like to see in electric wheelchairs. 

When also asked customers what else they would like in their power chair and their core answers were;

  • A lightweight foldable power wheelchair that fits in a boot.
  • Something that will travel a long distance.
  • Yes, we’d love the idea of a passenger trailer.
  • Affordable and reliable.

Right then, let’s read what Robbie says about this lightweight portable folding electric wheelchair.

It is worth mentioning that Robbie is an astute person, did extensive research for months, lives in Sydney and waited a couple of months before she reviewed the Navigator® portable folding electric wheelchair.

Robbie Says;

Well, the big day finally arrived, and I took delivery of my AMAZING Life Changing Machine.

AKA My (Dinkum Navigator).

I knew exactly what I wanted from a power wheelchair, having researched for at least 12 months. But NEVER, in my wildest dreams did I expect the absolute Life changing independence the Dinkum Navigator affords me.

I’m a 76 year old lady, with a few health problems as you would expect, but since I got my Dinkum Navigator, I feel like a bird that has its freedom after being caged.

If I want to go up to 40 kms on one charge…No worries. Are you KIDDING ME???? NO!!! They are not kidding.

SO, I Named my D.N. (DORA THE EXPLORER) Yep, I know, Catchy, isn’t it?

So having had to wait like everyone else for the Covid restrictions to afford us a bit more Personal freedom, now is the time. So, I have been on the bus …all day shopping.

Alone. woo-hoo.

Going to the Zoo next week and off to Manly on the train and ferry after that. When I got Dora the explorer, I also took delivery of the passenger trailer.

So, as I Lose my eyesight totally. My carer won’t have to walk behind me all-day; they can ride and take control of the chair from the back of the seat ……

I told you it’s my independence machine. (I just love it) so does my carer). I also got the telescopic ramps at the same time.

Worth every cent. Makes loading and unloading into a car easy after a couple of times almost anyone can do it.

I have to also say that Abbi Care and Rodney Coleman have been fantastic. It’s been my experience with Rod that nothing is too much trouble.

He goes well above and beyond with any request you might have, to make sure it’s attended to quickly and with great attention to detail.

I’ve never had that kind of service from anyone working in the disability sector before.

It’s so refreshing and comforting knowing someone with a bit of clout has your back. That’s Rodney Coleman …Thanks a million Rod. Faith restored in humanity.

Cheers, and happy Navigating.

Old but NOT OUT YET!!! And “Growing old disgracefully”. 


With Trailer 1

AbbiCare have been supplying their own brands of electric wheelchairs nationally for years now, and occupational therapists on the east coast like our lightweight power chairs once they saw them.

The Navigator is especially popular in aged care homes due to its versitility, compactness and ideal for meeting family at restaurants and parks.

Once they saw how versatile and modern looking our electric wheel chair is, they were confident in working with us, even as far as 4,000kms away.

We have real videos on our products to offer confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

 We’ve been supplying foldable power wheelchairs for the elderly on my aged care packages, and NDIS recipients above Cairns in northern Queensland to Brisbane to Surfers Paradise.

In NSW from the north, about one hour south of the border to QLD right down to Newcastle, Sydney and into Canberra.

We have supplied a lightweight foldable power wheelchair in Brisbane, Cairns, all of QLD, Melbourne and electric wheelchairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart, Tasmania.

AbbiCare was founded on offering high quality lightweight folding power wheelchairs in Australia that are affordable for anyone.

Our proof our commitment to delivering industry leading service is in our 5 Star reviews from customers all around the country and no nonsense warranty.

If you are considering purchasing a power chair lightweight foldable wheelchair then we would love to have a chat with you.

Power wheelchairs are purported to have a positive effect on health, occupation, and quality of life.


A study was undertaken to understand the mobility choices of community-dwelling, power wheelchair users.

If you are looking for the Best Wheelchair in Australia review then abbicare have what you are looking for.

When people start to look for something new they usually begin locally but usually look for the Best Wheelchair in Australia review because it is interesting.

The Dinkum Navigator is proudly Australian designed and built to the highest of specifications to ensure people get what they want.

In view of this, we finally received what we consider to be the Best Wheelchair in Australia review.

we hope you enjoyed our

Best Wheelchair in Australia review and please contact un on 1300 884 975 for more information.


We want to tell you about what we launched back in January 2022 to help the ederly at home and when out.

It’s no secret that assistive technology is getting more expensive and it is our mission to continually look for better AT to help make peoples’ lives easier.

Abbicare launched the ZUBU BRAND® electric rollator or electric wheelie walker.

electric walker

ZUBU BRAND® electric rollator

Revolutionary state of the art power rollator that has

  • Falls Prevention Technology: Will help slow the user from falling forwards.
  • Touch Drive Sensor: When using as a rollator by simply touching the sensor, the ZUBU will take all the effort off by driving.

    Especially handy when walking up a hill. When walking down a hill the ZUB wil slow itself to keep you safe.

  • It’s an Electric Wheelchair: When you tired simply swing the legrests sit and drive just as you would a mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

    For more information please go to the ZUBU Page. In addition to the mobility products we offer, we also take pride in providing an array of cutting-edge wifi security cameras, ensuring optimal safety measures for your peace of mind.

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