2 Best Value Power wheelchair for 2021


Power wheelchairs are designed for people with disabilities and the elderly to be able to be involved in their community.

High quality power wheelchairs are fitted usually with lithium-ion batteries support and are usually good for about 1000 cycles.

There are a multiple of lightweight electric wheelchairs available and the weight ranges from 20kg in weight to around the stronger chairs weighing in at about 27kg. So let’s have a look at the two best value for money power wheelchairs for 2021:

eagle BOXTA Folding Electric Wheelchair (EWCs)

A wheelchair with a portable and lightweight character not only helps with moving round but also suitable for safety and comfort.

The eagle BOXTA is designed for rough terrains such as cobbled paves, wet grasses, gravel etc. and comprises of a large 12” rear puncture proof tyre.

The front tyre as the latest suspension, in mind, suspension with perforated 8” tyres. These tyres  absorb the bumps, which means, it offers you an improved and smoother ride.

Most EWCs batteries are situated under the seat but not with the eagle BOXTA.

The BOXTA supports Two Lithium-ion batteries that are neatly tucked into each side of the sub- framework that power two 250w brushless motors and will take you to around 25km from a single charge.

It is simple in design, elegant in style and will safely carry to 140kg.

The cushion is flexible asymmetrical, which means, it promotes good posture sitting so your spine is straighter when driving.

The Eagle BOXTA folding wheelchair can be carried due to the small size and placed into the boot of most cars.

It offers complete control with the flexible 360-degree brushless joystick so there are no parts to wear out.

With a small carrying bag, it is completely portable to carry anywhere as required.



The BOXTA has a well designed swivel joystick mechanism so you can fold the joystick in to avoid possible damage when loading into the boot of your car

powered wheelchair


Close up of the battery location. No more getting on your knees to remove. Can be charged on board or off board


  • Smart design: the wheelchair is smart and elegant in style and offers the best support to move. It provides a comfortable sitting facility with a padded cushion and backrest to ensure protection for the people.
  • Flexible battery adjustment: you can quickly adjust the batteries without sitting or bending over the knees. Its batteries are installed at the seat height with easy removal. Moreover, easy to operate over a single battery due to high-density polymer and rust free battery support.
  • Maintenance-free: Eagle BOXTA wheelchair is made with aluminium alloy material, so it doesn’t rust easily, and high-quality components ensure operation durability and reliability. Due to high quality and heavy-duty design, it requires no maintenance.
  • Portable: the wheelchair is portable and lighter in weight. It comes with a carrying bag that makes movement with a wheelchair easier.
  • Easy driving facility: you can experience a smooth and shock-free drive with the Eagle BOXTA folding wheelchair. It has a 360-degree rotation joystick and runs smoothly over every surface.

Dinkum navigator and Optional T-100 Trailer

If you are looking for something different from your folding wheelchair then look no further.

The Dinkum Navigator and T-100 design is the result of ‘what a customer wants’ survey, it offers the best power for a lightweight folding power wheelchair. The 2 Lithium-ion batteries will take you up to 40km in one charge and the Navigator has an extremely well-engineered passenger trailer for a couple to slowly drive along the beach or to the shops together.

The Navigator will carry up to 180kg weight or a combined weight when the trailer is used.

This powerful wheelchair is amazingly comfortable, ergonomically pleasing and very easy to drive.

The navigator wheelchair cushion and a backrest are made from Oxford fabrics that provides stress-free support, it has breathable airflow, and machine washable.

It comes with two 10Ah power batteries that are easy to recharge from underneath the brushless joystick. Moreover, the seats and cushions are exceptionally comfortable and soft and is deigned to offer reduction in strain and stress. The seating can be adjusted to improve comfort as well.

electric wheelchair Dinkum1

The Dinkum Navigator; Australian designed on what people would like to see from their power chair

navigator with t 100 trailer

40kms from a single charge with the ability to pull a passenger. The passenger seat is wide and comfortable. Ideal for the ederly to go for a drive along the foreshore.


Dinkum navigator is a strong and a sustainable wheelchair that offers a pleasant driving experience, which makes it ideal to take it over most surfaces such as wet grass, gravel, cobbled and uphill climbs:

  • Flexible seating: the wheelchair comes with an exceptionally comfortable and flexible seating space. It helps the person to sit for a long time without stress or strain. The material is breathable and washable and can be adjusted to improve comfort.
  • Strong tyres: you can experience a stronger tyres grip with the maximum load-carrying capacity. It is ideal to carry 180kg easily and a PU tyre makes it resistant of chemical spillages and is hardwearing.
  • Compatible battery support: Heavy duty batteries up to 40km on one recharge.
  • Driving Comfortability: Extremely comfortable to drive
  • Portable: Folds in a couple of seconds and opens in about 1 second.
  • USB Charger: Charge your cellphone while driving the Navigator with a convenient USB port available so no need for complicated two way connector plugs with wires hanging.

eagle BOXTA Vs. Dinkum Navigator and T-100 Passenger Trailer

Both are lightweight folding wheelchairs, affordable with value of money price tags.

Both Dinkum Navigator and Eagle BOXTA Folding Electric Wheelchairs are reliable and maintenance free and have become popular in Australia.

Here is the difference between the two of them helps to understand the positive aspects and advantages of both wheelchairs:

  • BOXTA travels up to 27kms
  • 12″ Rear Tyre for more grip
  • 2x 6Ah Batteries at the front near the seat
  • 360° Brushless Joystick
  • 500w of brushless motor power
  • Turns on own circle
  • High quality components makes it reliable and durable
  • Navigator travels up to 40kms
  • 12″ Rear tyre for more grip
  • 2x 10Ah very powerful batteries
  • Intellignet brushless Joystick with USB port
  • 500w of total brushless motor power
  • Turns on own circle
  • High quality components inside

Final verdict!

Both power electric wheelchairs are ideal for the elderly and those who cannot move easily.

While the BOXTA can be considered a best value power wheelchair it can only travel up to 27kms from a single charge, so if you’re looking for battery ease of use removal then the BOXTA is what you want in your wheelchair.

The Navigator tops the distance at up to 40kms, which is a great advantage if you’re a get-out-and-go type that wants to do some distance driving. 

For this reason, the Dinkum Navigator offers best value power wheelchair for 2021.

The BOXTA does have 2x 6ah li-ion batteries and the Navigator has 2x 10ah and offer the buyer peace of mind knowing that they are getting reliable and durable power wheelchairs.

Both these chairs are available on the NDIS and my aged care packages.

The supplier of both power wheelchairs also has a portable hoist weighing only 13kg so the user can maintain independence for as long as possible. You can call them on 1300 884 975 for more information or message the supplier directly via this website.


Did you know moment.. .Estimates from the World Health Organization indicate that some 65+ million people worldwide need a wheelchair to help them maintain a healthy life.

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