Apps for your phone is a common thing nowadays and there are a lot of different apps out there that are very handy to have. We have compiled a few apps that can help to make a difference in communications in certain ways.


APP Name: Perth Public Transport

This Free app is for Android Users and a great little app for the independent person that also likes technology devices. And as with anything that is free when it comes to apps, it follows with ads. We can’t complain because there are some great apps out there and the developers have to make money to keep reinvesting & updating. There is a paid version if your budget allows it.

One great feature of this app is the ability to look at routes & timestabels without any data, which means, if you’re in a weak signal area than there is no need to move around holding your phone up in the air & different directions driving yourself crazy!

After the app is downloaded, it first asks you to download information for offline use. It than opens in the Tab field and the first great feature I noticed was the ‘Nearby Shops’ which is handy if you’re exploring around Perth.

Main features:

  • Offline schedules (routes, stops, travel times, etc.)
  • Offline route planner with customisation options
  • A map with detailed information on the location of stops and path of vehicles
  • Nearby stops finder
  • Downloadable offline map
  • Home screen widget
  • Light and dark themes
  • Frequent and fully automatic updates
  • Small database (3 MB), and even smaller data usage during updates (1-1.5 MB)
  • Both the app and its database can be moved to the SD card

The app utilises data publicly available at & the developers are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Transperth but, seems to be someone that wants to help people to get around better.

The developers are obviously passionate about ensuring that the app works well for you because if you see a bug, please feel free to email them >>

By the looks of the feedback comments, the developers have simplified this app and seem to be more user friendly over the TransPerth website.


Data seems to be in more of a demand nowadays over actual calling so there are some very handy apps out there for you to use.

APP Name: Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a great app which allows text messaging, calling and video. It’s very stable and reliable even when using your data for video and this app can be downloaded through your app store. It facilitates both Android & IOS.

  • Easy look & feel
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Can create group chats
  • Can collaborate with Desktop

APP Name: Skype

Skype has been around for a long time and is one of those apps that is rarely used. This App is also great for mates, families and friends that want to share information with eachother on their desk top computers or tablets while they are talking or video streaming live to eachother.

Main Features;

  • Easy to use and view on your desktop
  • Can share your desktop screen to better communicate.
  • Easy user layout

Great for people that, when chatting, want be on the same page!

APP Name: Viber

This app has also been around for quite a while and is not used enough for local chatting. It also uses data and the features are similarly like that of Whatsapp. You can text, talk and video each other. There are some cool free emoticons that can add life to your expressions and looks like more of a teen app.


Well I can’t go without mentioning a healthy app now, can I?..

APP Name: Nutrition Facts

This App seems to have the different types of foods that we all eat. Foods such as Dairy, egg, fats & oils, all the usual meats & poultry including nuts and beverages. It is also American based, as a lot of apps are, so it also has diet counts for some local cuisines & having a peek is educational, to say the least.

A cool feature is the sharing button so you can share it with friends & family

Information on this blog is found on or and is for informational purposes only. One should talk to Friends & family on their opinions and never purchase anything through apps unless they are trusted.

If you’ve found a great app that and want to share please let us know Here.


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