4 Wheelchair Accessory Must Haves


Wheelchair accessories are a great way to enhance your wheelchair experience while driving out to the shops or park.

There are many different wheelchair accessories around that are affordable and can be obtained in a couple of days when express posted.

Of course, there are many accessories available such as heavy duty storage cases that are used when carrying overseas or jumping on a domestic plane. This heavy duty carrying cases help to protect your investment.

There are also cushions which improves your comfort and they range in many different types, from air filled to auto air filled to foam and sponge.

But this blog is not about the more specialist types of wheelchair accessories, it is about the most common, everyday add-ons so we have compiled a list of the 4 best wheelchair accessory must haves’ which we think are the most useful when you are out.


Wheelchair Armrest Bag

Attached to your wheelchair armrest in seconds and has open handy pockets to a zipped section for the more ‘unseen’ items for safety. They are usually lightweight, durable and weatherproof.

Cup Holder

A cup holder is another wheelchair accessory must have; not much needs to be explained about this considering that we live in Australia, however, that being said, these cupholders are fully adjustable and can be easily removed should the need arise.

2in1 Umbrella Holder or Walking Stick Holder

A 2in1 holder is something very handy as it can be doubled up for clamping your walking stick to your chair or using as an umbrella. Beats having to buy two different items and making your wheelchair look cluttered.

Mobile Phone Holder

A definite wheelchair accessory must have; It is secured at the front of your armrest and weatherproof just in case you get caught if it rains.

It is fully adjustable for up, down, turning and adjusting and you will be impressed how easily you can still use your phone through the thick clear vinyl cover.

It also has credit card inserts to keep your cards safe.

Portable 2.1A USB Wheelchair Charger

Another wheelchair accessory must have after the mobile phone holder and that is having a USB mobile phone charger plug that not only is modern and looks good but just having something that plugs into the battery charger plug below your joystick.

The USB wheelchair accessory has two ports, the fast charger is 2.1A and a trickle charger and for your information, trickle charging is best for lithium-ion batteries so to put it in laymans’ terms, the slower the charge, the more the battery fills.

Most mobile phones nowadays have fast charging which gets a person up and running faster, however, the final 20% of the battery is charged at a slower rate.

It is prudent to point out that all lithium-ion batteries do not like to be drained completely so, if you want longevity from your lithium-ion batteries, which includes your electric wheelchair, always charge up before it drains.

To extend the life of any li-ion battery it is advisable to charge your battery when it is around 1/3 charged life left. And by the way, topping up as and when is good.

The portable USB wheelchair charger is constructed from combined aluminium and smooth to touch PVC plastic and is exceptionally durable which is what makes it a very handy must have.

And now you also do not have to worry about making sure the portable battery pack is charged because all you have to do is either leave the cable in the tool bag below your Eagle wheelchair or Navigator wheelchair.


These are just 4 of the many wheelchair accessory must haves that are available for your wheelchair via the abbicare accessory website or, call their customer service on 1300 884 975 for more assistance.

We hope that this guide has been useful, and it has given you some helpful insight on handy a wheelchair accessory that may make your life easier.

Personally speaking, I reckon the bottle holder, mobile phone holder and 2.0 USB charger is a must have if it were on my list.

If you need any further advice on wheelchair accessories, please contact us for more information and our helpful team can assist you or click on any of the links above to go to the page.


The USB charger and mobile phone holder are only available off-line by abbicare. Please call 1300 884 975 to place your order.

The full range of what accessories we offer can be found HERE

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