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To put it simply, stress is when a person is feeling the strain and pressure of something that has a negative effect on them.

And it’s paramount that it should be managed when delivering 24/7 care to someone.

We all experience stress at some point in our lives but taking care of an ailing parent is especially hard.

People that are not in a caring role cannot understand what we are experiencing and, in turn, we don’t want to burden others with our problems.

Other factors add to the mixture such as lack of finances, your social life dwindles or you may feel worthless.

While it is ok to talk to family members and friends one should consider seeking professional help.

If this is the case then (excuse the pun!); don;t stress! we’re here for you and have some suggestions to help you.

You’ve already recognised the warning signs so we don’t need to go down that avenue but you’re searching for answers.

There are many factors that are causing this but, this one is also a drainer; watching a loved one suffer.

If this is some of what you’re feeling then it is time to change or tweak something in your life.

First is to do something can you can change instantly such as your keeping your daily diet healthy and we all know how good fresh vegetables can be for us. Get some exciting recipes off the internet and create something new.

This may sound difficult to do but keeping aside some you time is paramount as it helps you gather your thoughts. Keep in touch with people because interaction & conversation is just as important as eating a good diet and both can be achieved at once.

Second most important is to seek professional help and your doctor is the first point of call so he can keep an eye on you. And the following information can help you also.

Where can I go that is free

Carers Australia is the national peak body that represents Australian carers. They are an advocate body that represents all carers for and carers to help influence policies and services at a national level.

For further information call Carer Support Services on 1800 242 636 or click on your state below;

WA  –  NT   –  QLD   –   NSW  –   ACT   –   VIC   –   TAS   –   SA

We also recommend that you visit our Respite Care blog. This information points you in the right direction to get respite so you can remove your stress.

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